Bespoke Steel Beauties: DeManincor Kitchens

15 Dec 2020
4 min read
Crafters of the most exquisite kitchens, Italian family-owned company DeManincor has more than 5 generations of experience building cooking masterpieces. Entirely bespoke, each kitchen is a design marvel, outfitted with high performance equipment and made to the best quality standards. Mattia de Manincor tells FOUR more about the tailor-made steel beauties…

Can you give us a brief overview of DeManincor, including how/when it was founded and its history?

DeManincor was founded in the 19th century, and has since developed from the artisan activities of a small blacksmith to a specialized manufacturer of bespoke steel kitchens. The first step in producing commercial kitchens was made in the fifties, and now, the DeManincor company has been working in the industry for 5 generations.

What is DeManincor’s main philosophy and core production principles?

A DeManincor kitchen is one designed according to your needs. Our long-standing experience as kitchen designers and manufacturers makes DeManincor able to fulfil the most demanding requirements.

Can you give us an overview of the products DeManincor offers?

There are three main lines of products, each one still kitchen focused, but very different one to the other:

  1. DOMESTICO: wood-burning cookers. This was the very first line developed by the company more than 100 years ago.
  2. PROFESSIONAL: 100% bespoke systems for professional commercial kitchens. DeManincor is the tailor of this industry, manufacturing only bespoke units, without standard modules. Restaurants equipped with a DeManincor kitchen sum up to more than 50 Michelin Stars all over Europe.
  3. PROFESSIONAL VILLA: the professional line for notable houses. This luxury line combines powerful equipment with the finest finishes.

What are some of the key design elements that are incorporated into the kitchens?

Every kitchen is different. The key is understanding the customer’s real need. Some of them are looking for a particular kind of finish, others for high performance equipment. In terms of design I think that a good term to define DeManincor is consistency. It’s not just the beautiful appearance, it is the exceptional functionality of every single element of the kitchen developed according to our extensive know-how. Some examples include the door decoration trims that are fully incorporated into the door and are present on the sides of the doors, not only on the façade; LED lights inside and under wall cupboards; special homemade hinges to hold heavy duty doors; some controls are hidden so as not to clutter the control panel with excessive knobs; special solutions have been designed for cleaning; technical compartments guarantee easy maintenance of equipment; etc..

What makes your products stand out in comparison to other kitchen brands?

In the list I would point out two factors of excellence in DeManincor offerings:

  1. DeManincor is a Manufacturer. We do not use traded standard cooking equipment, but we have our own lines, developed according to our extensive experience in the industry. Even future maintenance becomes easier when you make your own parts. As a family business, our activity is led by passion and our customers are special, they are not just another number.
  2. DeManincor is a Kitchen Designer. We have more than 70 years of  experience working as a professional kitchen designer for both restaurants and domestic projects, making us renowned and experts in the field. This experience makes us a complete partner for our customers, and we are able to advise on any kind of cooking system.

How do you think the company’s Italian heritage gives it an upper hand?

The so called “Italian Heritage” is clearly visible in 3 main aspects:

  1. The veneration of food and the process of cooking is part of Italian culture.
  2. The family business and bespoke attitude are strongly linked together.
  3. The open-minded approach, the complexity of solutions and the adaptability to answer any kind of request.

Tell us more about the materials used to produce the kitchens and how these maximise their durability, functionality and result in overall top-quality products…

DeManincor is a manufacturer of steel kitchens. We use different kinds of steel, different thicknesses and have different technical solutions according to the product and its function. We do not use paint, but prefer ceramic enamels, which can guarantee long-lasting colours, anti-scratch surfaces and prestigious solutions. We have a wide range of finishes: from stainless steel to brass, burnished brass, copper, etc…

Do the kitchens undergo constant innovation or is it a time-honoured product that has proven its success?

Innovation is a key in this very demanding environment. The traditional-looking ranges are equipped with state-of-the-art devices. In many situations, the equipment used is the same as that used in restaurants, but it depends on the real need of the customer.

What does ‘luxury’ mean to you and how is this incorporated into your products?

Luxury for DeManincor means top quality elements combined in a fully bespoke unit, 100% designed for that special customer. Different from all the others, unique.

How do you hope  DeManincor’s products will impact the lives of their owners?

High performance equipment gives the possibility to enlarge the preparations and improve the service. This makes a difference. The combination of good looking kitchens and top-quality equipment make the owners of a DeManincor range proud of their kitchen.

Tell us more about how the kitchens can be customised to individual requirements…

DeManincor complete kitchens are literally designed on the customer’s needs. As we do not have modular units, we offer 100% bespoke solutions realised on the available spaces and according to the necessary equipment.

What kinds of special additions can you add to the kitchens?

The kitchen can be fully customized following the customer needs. Specially shaped solutions, worktops, upfronts, heights and depths can be produced, and the equipment can be uniquely positioned as needed. We also custom-make special technical cabinets, hoods or air extraction systems, etc to suit our customers’ needs.

Tell us about some of your most impressive kitchens thus far?

We have many projects in mind. Usually private clients do not like to be mentioned, so we could refer to the huge kitchen installed at the prestigious hotel The Dorchester, Park Lane in London. Here, there are different kitchens on the same floor such as Krug & Promenade, room service, breakfast, the pastry and bakery area, a pizza area as well as a huge walk-in wine room. The kitchen’s equipment is controlled by remote with a supervision system, which is certainly very impressive.

Do you have a favourite design or project you have worked on? If so which one and why?

As we say in Neapolitan dialect, an expression that we use all over Italy: “So’ piezz’ ‘e core.” It means that every project is for like sons or daughters, a piece of our heart, so it’s impossible to say which one we like most.

What’s next for DeManincor?

At the last exhibition HOST in Milan, we have presented our new Line deSign with modern and minimal lines. This new line will premiere in the Restaurant Arnolfo opening in 2021, where an entirely new kitchen from the Aesthetic Line will be installed in the 2-Michelin starred restaurant.

To find out more about DeManincor, visit their website or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.