Belmond Launches Gourmet Train Experiences With Internationally Acclaimed Chefs

10 Dec 2018
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All aboard! Experience Asia in delicious style with Eastern & Oriental Express’ new delectable culinary dining series.

Train travel has never looked so tasty. Belmond’s Eastern & Oriental Express, the elegant icon of the rails in Asia, is launching an exciting series of ‘pop-up’ culinary collaborations with highly acclaimed international chefs Janice Wong, Luke Mangan, Didier Corlou and Ian Kittichai.

Taking place on select dates throughout 2019, guests can board the iconic green and gold carriages of Eastern & Oriental Express to marvel at outstanding scenery whilst simultaneously enjoying tastebuds sensations.

The famed chefs will bring their signature style to the train in partnership with executive chef Yannis Martineau, in order to conjure edible magic as the train weaves throughout the changing landscapes of South East Asia.

1 Janice Wong, 5th February 2019
One for the pastry lovers, Singaporean Pastry chef Janice Wong is set to create a sweet tooth feast. The three-night journey from Bangkok to Singapore is set to transform the train into a haven for pastry lovers.

Wong has received worldwide recognition for her cutting-edge creations and never-ending passion for culinary art. Wong launched her eponymous sweet concept, JANICE WONG in 2014 with outlets in Singapore, Tokyo and Macau.

Playing with a multitude of colours, textures and flavours, Wong invites lucky guests to join her in the world of ‘edible art’ during a chocolate painting workshop.

 2 Luke Mangan, 1st March 2019
A leading figure on the Australian and international food scenes, Luke Mangan owns and operates 19 restaurants worldwide.

On 1st March 2019, gourmet travels can board the train in Singapore as Mangan accompanying guests into the local food markets for a culinary tour and a chance to sample street food before boarding the train for a two-night journey to Bangkok.

What’s more, Mangan will also give a talk about his cuisine and career during the trip.

3 Didier Corlou, 2nd September 2019
Whether you love French or Vietnamese food, experience the best of both worlds with this delectable opportunity.

Departing on 2nd September 2019, French chef Didier Corlou, with signature restaurants La Verticale, Madame Hien and Porte d’Annam in Hanoi, is blending the best of Vietnamese and French cuisine.

Epicureans can sample a special ‘four-hand’ dinner and signature afternoon tea, as well as an intimate ‘Spice Atelier’.

3 Ian Kittichai, 8th October 2019
On 8th October 2019, Thailand’s very first first international ‘celebrity chef’ Ian Kittichai will host his signature dinner on the train. Ian has restaurants in New York, Singapore and Bangkok – including the award-winning Issaya Siamese Club.

Additionally he is a published author of Thai cookery books and strives to show his diners that there is more to Thai food than a simple Pad Thai.

From street food to haute cuisine in his acclaimed restaurants, Kittichai draws on his humble beginnings to create authentic Thai dishes that celebrate traditional Thai flavours and ingredients with a contemporary spin .

Guests will also be treated to a guided tour of the local food market at Kanchanaburi, Thailand. before the chef cooks up a storm in the train’s kitchen.

The details
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