Beer pairing | Carrot with Eille, Off Color Brewing (7.5%)

26 May 2016
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Another tasty beer pairing to enjoy this weekend from restaurant Luksus in NYC, for Carrot and a delicious Biere de Miel…Enjoy!


Concentrated enough, carrot can compete with any fruit for candylike sweetness, while still retaining enough earthy mystery to keep it interesting. Burns cooks purple and thumbelina carrots in a sweet and sour carrot juice bath before drying them to concentrate their flavour and give them a pliant, but almost “fruit leather” texture, says Burns. The Carrot motif continues with a carrot sorbet, swirled with yogurt ice, and a pair of purees, one carrot, and one with tarragon, yogurt and Devonshire cream. A translucent shard of honey nougatine tuille, dusted with yogurt and vinegar powers shades the dish like a parasol.

Ellie Beer from Off Color

“I always think about carrot and citrus together,” says Burns, and so Pepper found this Biere de Miel from Chicago’s Off Color brewery, which delivers citrus notes thanks to the inclusion of lemon zest and lemon juice. Pepper adds, “We were looking for something with a higher carbonation to add a little crispness and acid, because, when you have that carbonation, it’s dissolved CO2- carbonic acid, so it has a perceived acidity to it. So, without using a sour beer, we have something that has an acid quality to it, which is kind of cool.” Along with the acidity, the herbs in the beer- juniper, coriander, chamomile, and rose hips, also harmonize with the carrots.

Luksus at Torst

615 Manhattan Avenue


New York


+1 718-389-6034