The Baroque embodies the opulence of Louis XIV and is also a tribute to the glamour of the early Hollywood years.

Gerry Calabrese opened the luxury bar on the back of his successful ventures The Hoxton Pony and Hoxton Gin. Baroque offers one of the most extensive champagne lists in Europe and the food on offer is similarly luxurious with a menu of caviar, oysters, and wagyu beef.

The classic cocktail list includes many drinks from the early 20th century and Gerry Calabrese has divulged to us the recipe of their ‘Hot Buttered Rum drink’.

Hot Buttered Rum

One knob of butter
15ml honey
40ml aged rum
Hot water to top
Cinnamon stick to garnish

Method:Place the knob of butter into a heated glass, adding the honey and rum on top. Top up the glass with hot water and stir with a spoon until the butter and honey has melted and emulsified into a liquid. Using a lighter, gently warm the cinnamon stick and add as a stirrer. Now drink!