Barcelona’s finest | GINRAW

01 Aug 2016
4 min read
FOUR speaks to the brains behind GINRAW, the ‘gastronomic gin’ from Barcelona that is set to be the tipple to topple all others…

Where did you grow up?

We both grew up in Barcelona. We love to see that our city is well recognized for its unique easy going atmosphere and inspiring lifestyle. It hasavivid culturaland architectural scene, and what we enjoy the most of course isits rich gastronomic culture.

What did you aspire to be when you grew up?

We both had the desire to run our own business one day, probably influenced by our families’ background. After some initial ideas over the years, suddenly you get trapped and seduced with “the idea” and you feel there’s no turning back in the challenge to make it happen.

How did you find your way to into the world of wine and spirits?

We are both very enthusiastic aboutwine and spirits. After acquiring aprofessional background in the spirits and luxury industrieswe were ready to pursue the dream to create spirits of excellence.

How did the idea for GINRAW come about?

GINRAW is the result of gathering ideas for some time, and all of a sudden they came all together in perfect shape to paint the big picture. We were fascinated by the gastronomic revolution in Spain over the last 15 years, a wave which is now also transforming the cocktail scene as well. This is the result of the tremendous talent that strives to innovate and the stronggastronomic culture linked to Barcelona.

GINRAW has been described as a ‘gastronomic gin’, what does this mean exactly?

GINRAW has been created by and for professional gastronomes. The experts have dedicated their knowledge and passion to the creation of a unique superior gin, adding different perspectives (cocktails, haut cuisine, pairings, aroma, etc.). The gin is carefully made using a system devised and developed by Chef Joan Roca, which enables to capture the purest aromas of every ingredient selected distilling at a low-temperature with Rotaval®. Finally, the origin rooted to Barcelona’s gastronomic culture.

What does it entail to be maître parfumeur for GINRAW?

The aroma and flavours of any drink are the distinguishing factor in any organoleptic experience. The ‘maître parfumeur’ contributes with his gift in the fresh botanicals’ selection and the exact distillates’ proportions to obtain a rounded ‘perfume’, balanced and structured, that gives GINRAW its original character that elevates the sensory experience.

In youropinion, what makesGINRAW gin so special?

GINRAW embodies the challenge to capture the spirit of Barcelona: modernity and tradition, craftsmanship and authenticity, and also creativity, all in one bottle. We believe the challenge was accomplished as a result of an unprecedented combination of talents: from the unique production process to the tasting experience to the design of its bottle. However, when respectful professionals say it’s such a fresh and smooth gin of unequalled flavor that it can be easily savoured neat, is when you feel prouder.

Can you tell us a bit about what was involved in the latest flavours?

It has prevailed an accurate selection to ensure each ingredient has a prominent role and contributes into the gin’s flavour and character. After several trials and more than 40 formulas, where all the team suggested botanicals and possible combinations, the perfect aromatic profile was found. This is a complex process, which implies to precisely combine selected fresh botanicals individually distilled at low temperature to obtain the ‘coupage’, that will go to a final blend with the juniper distillate (obtained by copper still distillation) in order to mix and harmonize all the aromas to perfection.

What interesting trends/themes are going on in the gin world?

After the gin phenomenon in Spain, it’s exciting to see a global renaissance of the gin consumption with an increasing interest in Premium and ‘boutique’ products. The G&T will always be the gin signature serve, with the Spanish style being adopted in many markets, but gin is also the perfect base for classic cocktails and to give free rein to creativity and innovation for endless possibilities in new serves.

What are your FOUR GINRAW cocktail suggestions and what should they be paired with?

This summer we introduce the Signature cocktails, a collection from our mixologist JavierCaballero, who is been inspired by GINRAW delicacy and versatility with preparations thatallow to express the gin straight or more elegantly. He is also co-creator ofthe gin itself, and he and the rest of the team conceived the gin so that its richness of aromasand flavors would be a perfect complement for gourmet pairings. Therefore, its well balancedprofile goes well with many food pairing options, especially with fish and seafood.

Rare Bee’s Knees

Perfect balance between intensity and freshness.The notes of honey and almond provide density and depth in the mouth that does not bury GINRAW own notes, while ginger and lemon juice contribute a sigh of freshness that perfectly balances the cocktail.Ingredients

50ml of GINRAW
30ml of honey syrup, ginger and almond
21ml lemon juice
Twist lemon
Oblaat with lemon, almond, honey, candied ginger and GINRAW


Shake and double strain the GINRAW, syrup, ginger and almonds into a chilled sherry glass. Finish with a twist of lemon and discard the peel. Accompany with oblaat sheet we have dampened with GINRAW and filled with lemon peel, almonds, dried honey and candied ginger.

Golden Era

Golden Era is just as GINRAW, a classic quartered to the smallest detail to bring to contemporaneity. A cocktail with a bitter hint fleeing classic flavor profiles accompanied by wines: a “fino” that brings complexity and ice wine that sweetens and gives body.Ingredients

Suze 25ml
20 Ice-wine
10 ml fino
Twist lemon

Stir in a mixing glass. Strain over a chilled Couppe glass with a big stone ice. Finish with a twist of lemon. Place the lemon peel on the stem of the glass.

Rare Sazerak

The simple complexity of GINRAW, the perfect balance between its botanical essences distilled at low temperature, can be enjoyed without much fuss. This is the conceptual starting point of this cocktail: citrus notes accompanied by a bitter grapefruit and floral notes with lavender or chamomile.Ingredients

1 sugar cube
2 dash of bitters grapefruit
Aromatic spray

Dissolve the sugar in a mixing glass together with the bitter and GINRAW. Add ice and stir until desired temperature and dilution. Strain the cocktail into a chilled glass flavored with spray according to the customer: lavender or chamomile. Finish with a twist of lemon.

Gin Sangrita

Its delicacy and perfection allow to drink GINRAW neat. We propose a good company for savouring the gin. Playing with the concept of Mexican “sangrita”, we have replaced the tequila by GINRAW.Ingredients

1 bottle GINRAW
300ml of orange juice
210ml lime juice
150ml grenadine*
Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Drops of hot spicy (optional)


Mix the juice, grenadine, salt, pepper (and spicy) and retain cold. Serve in shot glass along with another chilled glass of GINRAW.