Ballantine’s cocktails

03 Nov 2016
2 min read
This Friday FOUR brings you the FOUR Ballantines serves of the season, exclusively created by Fredrik Olsson, brand ambassador and mixologist for Ballantine’s…enjoy!

This the second year I’ve created signature cocktail serves based on the artwork from the Ballantine’s Artist Series. It’s always an exciting challenge to interpret each artist’s work, drawing inspiration from the artwork to create each signature serve.

Ballantine’s River Ma

Dave Ma applied a warm red colour palette to his aerial photography of the RiverSpey for the Ballantine’s Finest Tin, reflecting the use of fire in the Ballantine’sproduction process.This serve blends the exotic flavours of earl grey tea with bergamot juice, with anundercurrent of fiery heat from fresh chilli.

Glass |Port glass

Garnish|Small fresh chilli, glass dusted with dried cranberry


50ml Ballantine’s Finest

25ml Fresh Bergamot Juice

15ml Earl Grey Syrup

1 Egg White

1 Thin Slice of Fresh Red Chilli


Shaken over ice

Ballantine’s Ben Nevis Punch

This cocktail echoes the vibrant flashes of red on the Ballantine’s Finest Sleeve,combining sweet, red strawberries with a pink peppercorn bite. This serve is presented in small glass bottles on a sharing platter to reinforce a convivial drinking experience.

Glass |Small glass bottle, served in a shallow bowl over crushed ice

Garnish |Pink peppercorns and vanilla pods


50ml Ballantine’s Finest

50ml Strawberry Puree

10ml Vanilla Syrup

8-10 Crushed Pink Peppercorns

5ml Balsamic Glaze

10ml Fresh Lemon Juice


Shake & pour

Ballantine’s Truffle Blazer

The deep valleys and rugged terrain of the Scottish Highlands are brought to lifethrough the powerful colour palette Dave Ma applied to his stunning imagery for theBallantine’s 12 Year Old Tin.To complement this strong imagery, the rich flavour of truffle honey has beenused in this serve. Reflecting the complexity of Ballantine’s 12 Year Old, a hintof smokiness is added by the striking of a match as it is served to heighten thedrinker’s senses.

Glass |Branded balloon

Garnish |Match stick to smoke glass, redcurrants


50ml Ballantine’s 12 Year Old

10ml Lillet Blanc

10ml White Port

¼ Teaspoon of Truffle Honey

6-8 Bruised Redcurrants


Stir & strain

Ballantine’s Festive Sour

Taking a seasonal twist on the traditional whisky sour, the Ballantine’s Festive Sourevokes the familiar and warming aromas of this season.Spicy gingerbread and bitter chocolate perfectly complement the smoothness of theBallantine’s Finest blend, creating a delicious festive serve.

Glass |Port sipper

Garnish |Gingerbread crumbles


50ml Ballantine’s Finest

1 Egg White

40ml Fresh Lemon Juice

25ml Gingerbread Cordial

2 Dashes Chocolate Bitters


Shake & strain

The 2016 Ballantine’s Artist Series Limited Edition gift packs will be available globally from October 2016.For more information,


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