Avant-Garde! Battle of the Chefs

01 Jan 2015
2 min read
Two Michelin-starred chefs battle it out over FOUR questions to find out which is more avant-garde | Presenting Daniel Achilles v. Anthony Martin…
Daniel Achilles

What’s the most scientific piece of equipment in your kitchen?

It is a Julabo water bath. Nothing over the top scientific but a vital piece of equipment for my kitchen. (2)

Are you passionate about liquid nitrogen?

Yes, I am passionate about it and have lots of experience with it, as well. However, unfortunately it is not really part of my current culinaryphilosophy, so I am not using it at the moment. (1)

Could you describe your cooking style for us?

Ipresentlight and modern cuisine with a particularelegant and refreshing, often vegetal, touch. The namereinstoffdescribes the basis of each dish, which is the use of matter. This includes not only freshness and quality, but also precision and authenticity which comes into play with every product. With my twomenus,ganznahandweiterdraußen, I try to present our international guests with a level of complexity andreflect my desire for culinary freedom. The dishes, therefore, do not bow down to a certain style, instead, they are cosmopolitan and, in part, also inspired by current trends. (1 – for such a modern outlook)

What’s your favourite meal to make at home?

At the moment, it definitely is white asparagus with potatoes andhollandaise sauce. (0)

Anthony Martin

What’s the most scientific piece of equipment in your kitchen?

I have a tabletop distiller that extracts essential oils from citrus peels. It’s a long process with a limited output, so you have to really be patient, but the end product is better than you can purchaseanywhere. (2)

Are you passionate about liquid nitrogen?

I enjoy using liquid nitrogen and always look for new ways to use it, such as making ice cream, or freezing the passion fruit center of my Passionate Marshmallow pre-dessert. (2)

Could you describe your cooking style for us?

It’s clean and modern, showcasing pristine ingredients and using luxury items liberally. Presentation is also a passion and I always look for ways to showcase ingredients in a natural way. (1)

What’s your favorite meal to make at home?

Without a doubt, Sunday brunch. My wife and I start off with a bottle of Champagne or with Bloody Marys; I do a full set up of garnishes including cured meats, pickled vegetables and various cheeses. Then we usually go to a neighborhoodrestaurant to eat, as it is the only day that we can spend together during the week (she is a chef too) and we prefer to go out. (0, although it sounds wonderful!)

And The Winner Is…

Daniel Achilles – 4|Anthony Martin – 5

A close match this week, brings Anthony Martin to light this week, with only losing out by the skin of his teeth.