Avant Garde! Battle of the Chefs

17 Mar 2015
3 min read
This week we present Gal Ben-Moshe from Glass, Berlin vs. Alfredo Russo from Dolce Stil Novo | Which one will come out victorious as the avant-garde winner?
Gal Ben-Moshe

What’s the most scientific piece of equipment in your kitchen?

The most scientific equipment I have in the kitchen is probably my oversized Liquid Nitrogen tank. We go through more than 150L of LN2 a month, as it is a huge part of our signature dessert. It is also used as a tool in many other preparations. (2)

Are you passionate about liquid nitrogen?

I’m very passionate about Liquid Nitrogen as it allows for flexibility and versatility. There are many tools in the kitchen where you can say “I can do without it”, but the things you do with LN2, you can’t do in any other way. (2)

Could you describe your cooking style for us?

I would describe my cooking style as modern. I am mostly trying to reconstruct and reinvent traditional dishes and ideas with a twist. I believe that once we have gone out of the traditional cooking state of mind, we become artists, and it is our obligations as artists to tell a story with our food. I try to implement a lot of my personality, experiences and memories into dishes. (1.5)

What’s your favourite meal to make at home?

At home I’m really into barbecuing. My favourite thing with friends is to do Burgers Night, everybody brings their favourite toppings and condiments, I make different mixtures of beef, lamb, veal. I love the smokey aroma of charcoal. (0.5 for bringing in the concept of aromas home)

Alfredo Russo

What’s the most scientific piece of equipment in your kitchen?

At the moment, we are testing an ultrasonic device to understand any developments in our processes. (2 – ULTRASONIC!)

Are you passionate about liquid nitrogen?

I am interested in all new technologies and I like to know how the work andwhat they do. Of course if they help me to develop new ideas and/or improve the quality of my work Iuse them. I’m not, however interestedin using themonly for showand to make people say “ohh…”.

About nitrogen I never usein front of guests to make “iced meringues – ice creams” etc. Often when a guest eats these preparations then they have the mouth anaesthetizedfor many minutes,but there is no doubtthat to freezeingredients with a “thermal shock” there is no bettertechnology. (2)

Describe your cooking style for us…

“It’s hard to do easy things…” is the slogan of my job. I think that creativity is not to make strange things, but to look at things with a different point of view.

I like to define my cooking style to have multi-levels. A multilevel approachmeans that I want that my creations speak to everyone,whether you are a culinary expert or just a regular person enjoying the momentin my restaurant.I want the everybody to be able to appreciate my dishes(without instructions, rules or filters). I liken the experience to visiting a museum -you can be an art expert or a novice with different knowledge and different perceptions but it’s important that you still appreciate the works on display. (2)

What’s your favourite meal to make at home?

Homemade pasta with a fragrant tomato sauce and basil then a fresh salad from my garden with many different items, extra virgin olive oil, crispy bread, a glass of Barolo wine and my family next to me. (0)

And the winner is…

Gal Ben-Moshe -5.5 | Alfredo Russo -6

What a close call! Chef justcame out ontop though. A true battle of avant-garde-ists.