Around the World in 107 Restaurants

11 Jul 2013
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£182000, 12 countries, 107 restaurants. FOUR Magazine brings you the culinary trip of a lifetime

Do you have a spare £182,000? If you answered an enthusiastic and resounding “yes” to that question then FOUR has the perfect solution for you. For the price of precisely 70,000 Starbucks cappuccinos, you and your partner could take a six month sabbatical, travel around the world and dine in every single three Michelin starred restaurant in the world. 107 in total.

The experience has been created by British luxury retail site VeryFirstTo. Included in the price are the meals withhouse wine, business class travel, and luxury hotel accommodation. The trip incorporates 12 countries in total with a significant proportion of time spent in Japan, New York, and Paris.

Decadent in the extreme this may be but do not go expecting a relaxing vacation by the pool. The intense itinerary involves one restaurant visit every other day, interspersed with site seeing, food comas and inevitable indigestion.