Another culinary weekend in Germany’s North

08 Feb 2015
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It’s been a busy and absolutely delicious weekend in Schleswig-Holstein at the Gourmet Festival.

The culinary weekend started on Friday night at the Waldschlösschen Schleswig near the Danish border, where Dirk Hoberg, the two-Michelin-star chef of the Riva Hotel at Lake Constance, paid the Waldschlösschen a two-day visit. Together with Matthias Baltz, the resident chef de cuisine at the restaurant, he created plenty culinary delights: „It was fun creating a menu together with Dirk Hoberg. His creativity and his effortlessness while cooking are fabulous.”

The result was not just extensive but also quite extraordinary. All of the 180 guests were stunned across the board, with the following menu: Whitefish with corn salad, orange and pumpkin. North Sea bass with oyster and artichoke. Lobster with shrimps, sweet potato and salty lemon. Turbot with sea urchin, bread, turnip cabbage and nuts. Lamb with savoy cabbage, lentils, balsamic vinegar and potatoes. Tutti Frutti: Mango with coconut, banana and passion fruit.

Sebastian Frank from the Hórvath Restaurant in Berlin-Kreuzberg also made a visit up north. He visited the Vitalia Hotel Restaurant in Bad Segeberg, where chef Andreas Schmidt was already expecting him. He was the personal candidate of choice of hotel manager Guido Eschholz, since Frank already made quite a name for himself after winning the Chef of the Year competition at the Anuga fair in 2012, beating 400 other candidates. One year later, his restaurant received its first Michelin star. His formula for success is his so-called “semi-vegetarian” style, meaning that neither meat nor fish are playing a leading role in his meals. They are mere supporting flavours for all sorts of fresh vegetables. Solid flavours and fresh produce are his highest priority.

The Festival of the cooperation “Gastliches Wikingland e.V.” started on 21 September and runs until 1

Images © S.Plaß