ANA & Luxeat To Bring Authentic Taste Of Japan To London

06 Oct 2018
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Japan’s largest 5-star airline, ANA, pairs up with the fashionable food blog, Luxeat, to bring a luxury dining experience inspired by Japanese cuisine to the heart of London.

Japan’s award-winning luxe airline, All Nippon Airways, and premium food blog Luxeat, founded by former fashion model turned food blogger Aiste Miseviciute, have a treat planned for lovers of Japanese culture and cuisine. The two brands have paired up to bring an exciting culinary event to the UK during the months of October and November which will see a handful of Japan’s shokunin (first-class culinary masters) flying to the United Kingdom’s capital to offer up a unique dining experience.

The event includes 3 separate tasting occasions each hosted by a different shokunin. These “Culinary Journeys” will delight their diners to authentic Japanese flavours showcased by the master chefs. All events will be hosted at the modern fine-dining establishment, Yashin Ocean House, and will take place from 31 October to 2 November 2018. There are limited tickets available for the three evenings,with each evening set to be a spectacle of fine Japanese cuisine. Each of these culinary artists will present a menu that best showcases their expertise and personalities, while paying tribute to Japanese cuisine. The chefs that are set to partake in this event are Kouji Kimura, Kentaro Nakahara and Shuji Niitome.

Kimura who has been named “the father of aged sushi”, is the sushi master of two Michelin-starred Sushi Kimura in Tokyo. Kimura has developed a distinctive culinary style, which sees him reinventing the techniques used in the traditional art of aging, and combining them with revolutional styles of sushi to create inventive dishes. This makes for a one-of-a-kind sushi experience.

Nakahara, the chef and owner at Sumibiyakiniku Nakahara in Tokyo, is a master of beef and is recognised as one of the best Wagyu shokunins in Tokyo. He is a self-taught butcher and beef connoisseur who is very particular about the quality beef used in his restaurant, using only that with the ultimate provenance, bloodline and flavor. The dish that he is famous for is a Wagyu katsu sandwich, and his presentation of this classic is considered among the best in the world.

Niitome is the master of tempura, famous for his presentation of speciality seafood, meats and vegetables. His 10-seater restaurant, Niitome Tempura, is the highest ranked tempura restaurant by the prestigious guide. His culinary philosophy focuses on the use of precision, quality, and technique to emphasize the pure flavors of the ingredients, all which are only used when in season.

This event will bring together three of the world’s leading tempura, sushi and Wagu shokunins for the first time, marking it a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience. These chefs’ restaurants are notoriously difficult to secure reservations at, which means the event will see some guests travelling from Japan to experience this rare occasion. Supporters of the event include best in class caviar producer Rossini Caviar and highest quality Japanese beef supplier Tamura Beef.

The event forms part of ANA’s “We are Japan” programme, an initiative which aims to forge a deeper appreciation of Japan and its culture, as well as strengthen the connection with those who are, too, passionate about the island nation and its offerings. With Japan being named as this decade’s fastest-growing major destination, this event is set to pay a perfectly timed tribute to the nation that keeps setting global trends. One of these trends include Ikigai, which is a lifestyle concept that is said to be the secret to a long and happy life, and in keeping with this event, food happens to be a vital part of the Ikigai recipe.

Details for Bookings:
Tickets for the three exclusive evening seatings will go on sale to the public on Friday 7th September at 9.00 (GMT) for £375.0 0, click here to book.


Image of Kentaro Nakahara © Kimihiro, Pocket Concierge
Image of Shuji Niitome © TableAll
Image of Kouji Kimura © Luxeat