An Extreme Taste Sensation

27 Mar 2014
< 1 min read
Taking the term ‘a taste sensation’ to the extreme, FOUR finds out more about the Aromafork by Molecule-R…

Aiming to reinvent the traditional fork, Molecule-R have created the perfect pairing partner. A blotting paper infused with the smell of your choice is kept under the fork’s handle. Once you’ve picked up your food and brought it to your mouth, you’ll breathe in the aroma to create a sense sensation.

Your taste buds, Molecule-R tell us, only recognise 5 primary tastes, while your nose picks up on a range of more subtle flavours. And thus, a taste revolution has begun…

Get your pre-orders in at; release is scheduled for June 2014. The Aroma R-Evolution kit includes four Aromaforks, 21 selected aromas, 4 droppers and 50 diffusing papers.