An exquisite lunch at Villa Louise

12 Feb 2015
2 min read
Exclusive food for an exclusive group of guests.

On 6 February, Villa Louise was privileged to welcome Hans van Wolde, two-Michelin-star chef of the Beluga restaurant in Maastricht since 1997, which is one of the three best restaurants in the Netherlands. The Wilhelminian-styled villa, dating back to the 1870s, has been organising lunch events entitled “Ten past Twelve” (“Zehn nach Zwölf”) ever since 2012, accompanied by an orator and Michelin-star cuisine.

Each event starts exactly ten pasttwelve, just as the name implies, and traditionally the first course of the menu is served around 1pm, after an opening lecture. On this occasion, the lecture was held by social pedagogue Sharon Paschke, who fascinated guest with lively accounts of his occupation in a talk about “The power of the unconscious”. Finally, van Wolde opened his eight-course menu with egg ‘royale’ and crispy pepper, whetting the appetite of each guest for the coming courses. After the tomato cocktail with parmesan espuma and basil, crab, langoustine, caviar and caramel, guests enjoyed a lovely paella with cod fish, followed by burgundy duck with beluga lentils and beef ‘to share’, meaning that everyone is invited to share from one big plate. The Vacherin Mont d’Or with apple cake and blood oranges with coconut and vanilla completed the culinary adventure on this delicious Friday afternoon.

The next ‘Zehn nach Zwölf’ event will take place on 17 April with management guru Dr. Kjell A. Nordström and two-star-chef Björn Frantzén from Stockholm.

Established in 1997 in Luxemburg, Creutz & Partners Global Asset Management S.A.has been a keen supporter of the culinary arts. In 2012, Creutz & Partners launched Villa Louise, a 19th-century building in Aachen, Germany, attributed to the Gründerzeit period, which is used to host events, talks and is home to a brilliant culinary space where top chefs regularly visit. Villa Louise is a place of innovation, discussion and debate, it is also a place of culinary presentations and culture, with three-Michelin-starred chef of Victor’s Gourmet Restaurant, Schloss Berg in Perl-Nennig, recently cooking at the facility, while last year saw another three-Michelin-starred chef cook at Villa Louise – of La Belle Époque restaurant. Other chefs to have cooked at Villa Louise since its launch include of Aqua Restaurant, of Vendôme and of Restaurant Lerbach.

The family-owned and managed multi-award winning asset management boutique, Creutz & Partners Global Asset Management S.A. is partner of FOUR – The World’s Best Food Magazine in support of thecampaign in the search for emerging global culinary talent.

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