16 Mar 2018
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Ronald Ramirez from The Dome, Tower Club at Lebua in Bangkok, shows us the perfect weekend pick-me-up with this cocktail.


40ml aged bourbon

40ml red wine, macerated with jackfruit apples, lychees and cranberries 14ml lychee liqueur

14ml rose syrup

85ml ginger ale

1 tea bag sachet

2 rose petals

Dry ice, crushed



Fill the empty tea bag sachet with the rose petals and crushed dry ice. Seal it securely and place at the bottom of a tall glass. mix the rest of the ingredients in a shaker and strain over the tea bag and serve.



Find out more about Ronald Ramirez here –


The Dome |Tower Club

Lebua Hotel

1055/42 State Tower

Sliom Road

Bangkok 10500