The Company has grown, through impassioned enthusiasm and challenge, to win worldwide recognition for the excellence of its wines. Today, Allegrini is a leading wine producer in the Valpolicella Classico area in Veneto and one of the most highly acclaimed Italian wine companies in the world.

The first step in the modern-day journey was taken by the late Giovanni Allegrini, the company’s founding father. in the 1960s. He was a pioneer in the Valpolicella, a man whose thinking was ‘outside the box’. He cherished his land and his profound understanding of its intrinsic potential, together with his ingenious intuition, gave rise to changes in viticultural practices that would ultimately lead to an agronomic and viticultural revolution and the rebirth of the entire Valpolicella Classico zone. His passion and his mission fuelled his quest for quality beyond compromise.

Giovanni’s three children – Walter, Franco and Marilisa – inherited the Estate in 1983, becoming the natural heirs to his quest. Via extensive research and experimentation, Walter and Franco introduced radical innovations in the vineyards and pioneered new winemaking techniques. Marilisa understood the challenge of a global market as early as the 1980s. Over the years, through vigorous travel and marketing activities with her niece Silvia, Allegrini has earned visibility and numerous prestigious awards for its fine wines the world over. An ability to keep abreast of market trends, together with the Family’s desire to maximise their vineyards’ unique potential, has given rise to a range of soft, sensual wines such as Palazzo della Torre, La Grola, La Poja and Amarone, all of which form part of the illustrious history of Valpolicella Classico.

From Valpolicella, the Allegrini Family’s path led them on a journey in search of new estates in Tuscany. In 2001, they founded Poggio al Tesoro in Bolgheri. From this estate, with its 50 hectares of meticulously tended vineyards, the company produces wines that combine strength and elegance: Sondraia, a typical Bordeaux blend, Solosole Vermentino and the 100 per cent Cabernet Franc, Dedicato a Walter, have succeeded in winning acclaim from both the public and international critics alike, the latter emphasising the intuitive innovations underlying the project in Bolgheri.

In 2007, the San Polo Winery was acquired in Montalcino. Again, Allegrini has risen to the challenge that Italy’s most famous wine-producing area inevitably represents, bringing together tradition and innovation to create wines of great elegance and finesse. Handled with craftsman-like care in a cellar ecologically designed to minimise energy wastage and impact on the environment, the grapes preserve the fragrances natural to Sangiovese in such a way as to confirm San Polo’s credentials as a new and authoritative ambassador of Brunello’s aristocratic lineage.

Today, Villa della Torre, Allegrini’s Renaissance headquarters in Fumane di Valpolicella, represents a microcosm of the philosophy and values of the company: perfectly paired wines and food are presented against a fascinating backdrop where art, architecture, history, aesthetics, harmony and nature blend beautifully to create a unique experience that exalts the palate, invigorates the senses and nourishes the soul.