Alex Atala: Cooking without Borders

03 Jul 2013
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Not content with owning one of the top ten restaurants in the world, D. O. M. chef Alex Atala has set his sights to new challenges – taking part in the Cooking without Borders project in El Baqueano, Argentina.

On 13 July, Atala will realise a personal ambition when he cooks in El Baqueano, Argentina.

The evening is part of a project called ‘Cooking without Borders’ and seeks to promote intercultural exchange between South American countries. El Baqueano runs the project monthly and has booked up chefs from across South America for the rest of the year and into 2014.

El Baqueano, located in the oldest town in Buenos Aires, is known for putting a modern spin on traditional Argentinian cuisine. Atala will be cooking in the restaurant and giving demonstration to the lucky few who forked out $1200 for a ticket.

There are no spaces left but there is a waiting list.

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