“A Water To Be Lived”

05 Apr 2014
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Water and health go hand in hand, but what is the healthiest water you could opt for? Saint-Géron Water is. FOUR explores why…

It’s a universally-known fact that water is good for you. So what is it that differentiate Saint-Géron Water? And what, actually are the benefits of each component?

First of all, location. Géron in Auvergne holds is nature and beautiful surrounding dear. From the water falling as rain, a thousand years pass before it reaches your bottles. Over those years, the water seeps through the soil, following crevices deep into the earth, only to burst through the surface holding an abundance of minerals and character.

This explains the second part of Saint-Géron’s excellence. Naturally sparkling, the water’s fine bubbles contain over 20 minerals, three of which are rare and important. The usual suspects – calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium – provide the basis for these three rare minerals: lithium, strontium and boron. Combined with zero nitrates, zero pesticides and zero bacterias, the water springs (excuse the pun) with life.

So what do these rare minerals do? Lithium is a key factor for good health, and is considered an essential trace element. A recent epidemiological study in 2011 indicated a link between lithium levels in drinking water and longevity. It is used in oligotherapy, mainly to treat disturbed sleep and irritability, and can be used as a mood stabilizer at higher doses. Boron helps reduce the excretion of calcium by 44 %, as well as activate the production of oestrogen and vitamin D. Strontium promotes bone formation too. These two minerals have a role to play in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Together with the aforementioned more usual minerals, you have the making for perfectly balanced minerality and high quality natural gasification, giving rise to some unbelievably healthy water.

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