A revolution in home cooking

28 Nov 2016
3 min read
Architect Alex Michealis installs Electrolux Grand Cuisine in his West London family home. FOUR takes a closer look at the cutting edge design…
A revolution in home cooking; a revelation for all those who cook with it.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine has been brought to life by renowned British architect Alex Michaelis, of notable architecture firm Michaelis Boyd. Offering professional cooking systems for the home, Electrolux Grand Cuisine has collaborated with Alex and his wife Susanna to create and an enviable kitchen spacewithin their west London family home.

Where previously stood an old MOT garage, Michaelis Boyd, has imagined and built an unexpected and visually captivating London home. Founded in 1995, Michealis Boyd has since developed a reputation for simple and elegant designs, with one of the firm’s most recent iconic projects including the design of 225 apartments for the regeneration of London landmark Battersea Power Station.

In choosing Electrolux Grand Cuisine, Alex has stayed true to his passion for pursuing excellence in all aspects of design, as the highly intelligent systems introduce new lines and dimensions into the appliance space, whilst upholding professional standards. Alex felt strongly that the innovative systems reflected his design ethosfor this personal project, noting that “the marrying of Electrolux Grand Cuisine appliances with the stunning curved Bulthaup island unit works beautifully in the space”.

A unique property, complete with rounded towers,rooftop terraces and outdoor swimming pool, the kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home for this vibrant family of two adults and seven children.
With a fireman’s pole connecting the kitchen with the floor above, the kitchen is a constant hub of activity that centres on food: designed to entertain family and friends alike. Alex comments, “We use the sear hob most days – it is especially good for big Sunday breakfasts with lots of friends and children. Seared eggs and bacon for 18.”

The sleek EGC systems are the perfect choice to cater for the Michaelis’ busy family. Home to a Stand Mixer, Gas Hob, Combination Oven, Blast Chiller, Sear Hob, Surround Induction Zone and Precision Vacuum Sealer, the systems installed in the kitchen offer discerning home cooks Alex and Susanna the chance to utilise cooking methods previously only accessible to professional chefs. One revelation for the Michaelis household has been experimenting with the sous vide method, with Alex commenting “our favourite appliance is the vacuum sealer – life changing in terms of how we now cook”.

With every installation of the EGC systems comes a Personal Chef Advisory Service. All new owners are invited to experience a comprehensive two day induction to the systems by a professional EGC chef, theprocess that has equipped Alex and Susanna with the ability to master an array of exciting cooking techniques. The cook-and-chill process with the Combination Oven and Blast Chiller enables food to be taken directly from the oven and rapidly chilled, perfectly preserving taste and texture until dishes are ready to be regenerated to serving temperature using the Combination Oven’s steam function. This means that cooking can be done ahead of time, ensuring a stress-free family culinary experience.

True to Michaelis’ previous design successes, the sleek and modern culinary systems installed in his new family home are offset by the rough walls, left deliberately unpainted with a plaster finish. Alex’s vision and vast experience of designing and creating residences has proved to be a winning combination, particularly when matched with EGC: a company that boasts over 90 years of professional heritage behind its creation. This new home blends technology with architecture and design, in a style that revolutionises the concept of the modern day kitchen and home cooking.

Electrolux Grand Cuisinewas developed after in-depth research revealed a gap in the market and a true consumer desire to recreate restaurant food at home. The cooking system utilises interactive touchscreen technology to ensure thatthe products are intuitive to use, whether you are whipping an egg white to create an airy meringue or creating a culinary masterpiece.

The Electrolux Grand Cuisinesystem comprises nine products, which together create a technologically advanced system that home chefs can use to employ techniques and tricks used in professional kitchens.

Starting price for the cooking system – including Combination Oven, Blast Chiller, Vacuum Sealer and the Induction Zone – is from £43,000 and includes a personal chef advisory service.

For more information aboutElectrolux Grand Cuisine, visit www.grandcuisine.com