A Professional Pairing Guide

14 Nov 2015
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Movia gives us FOUR wines to pair with FOUR dishes…

Tucked between Slovenia and Italy is the 22 hectare wideMovia Estate, which dates back to 1700.The winesoffer a glimpse into the noblest of viticultural traditions, often crossing the line of generally accepted and applicable oenological practices.The first step in getting to know MOVIA wines is the Vila Marija label, offering young and fresh wines from younger vineyards. The next step are wines from select parcels (Turno, Gredič), an introduction to the estate’s flagship, black label MOVIA wines. These wines were given time to reach full maturity in their home cellar and are only released onto the market several years following their vintage. The range is complemented by Puro sparkling wines, pushing the envelope in the preparation of sparkling wines. Succinctly put, we revived pre-classical vinification procedures that did not revert to sugar for refermentation in the bottle and left the satisfaction of degorging the wine, usually experienced only by cellar masters, to the consumer. Ancient procedures and new perspectives on wine are even more pronounced with Lunar which, like the Puro, is a wine without any added sulphites.

This land of low-lying, gently flowing hills in western Slovenia where the soil is primarily flysch. A Mediterranean climate with moderate summers and sufficient precipitation all make the Brda region ideal for the production of dry wine. The vicinity of Alpine peaks provides just the right amounts of cool air for higher levels of acids and aromatic substances to develop in the grapes compared to other Mediterranean regions.

Which wine complements asirloin steak?

Ambra – basically, it is the pinot gris, made under the technology of red wines. Slightly maceration gives to the wine the pinkish color. Nose is very pleasant and fruity. Taste is elegant in very well balanced. Pop wine from the orange wine tribe. Food pairings: fish dishes, mussels, light risotto, pasta and veal.

Which wine complements awhite fishbest?

Puro rose – firstly, give it some time to breathe and don’ cool it too much! At around 10 degrees this wine is at it’s best. The nose is between nice fruitiness and bruscette aromas. Taste if full, and aftertaste is pleasant and long. Food pairings: raw fish and shrimps, all seafood, all pastas and meat (verbal and poultry) dishes.

Which wine complements aroast chickenbest?

Veliko rdeče – big red or the big blasphemy, because here you will meet Bordeaux and Burgundy in teh same coup age (both cabernets and Pinot Noir). Open it at least hour before drinking, because in the beginning is reductive. Bur later you will be awarded with beautiful kaleidoscope of all red and black fruits, peppers, Mediterranean spices and some dried plums. Very elegant wine. Food pairings: all steaks, tuna (raw and baked), blue fish, squid risotto, lamb in all it’s forms

Which wine complementsdessertbest?

Modri pinot – Open it at least one hour before drinking. Typical pinot noir color. The nose is direct without any curves – clean, spicy and full of aromas of fruits from the forrest. Later also some blueberry dominates. Food pairing: lamb, goat, beef in strong sauces (like madeira or marsala), raw tuna with some herbs.

Find out more about Movia’s wines atmovia.si.

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