A North Sea Revival

02 Feb 2015
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The Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival is offering you a cornucopia of innovative celebrity chefs, who never stop setting new international trends.

The return of Michelin-star chef Sarah Henke to the Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival in Northern Germany was eagerly awaited. The South Korean-born German chef was the special guest chef in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel & Spa at the North Sea where she thrilled 170 guests with her aromatic 5-course menu:

Fjord trout with sweet & sour vegetables, ponzu and cashew nuts; Codfish with lentils, blood orange and peanuts; Pork belly and Sarah’s kimchi; Hot lamb with sweet potatoes, pineapple and red curry; and Mango with yoghurt and cucumber.

Nils Kramer, chef at the Ambassador Hotel & Spa, praised astounding abilities of the 33-year-old guest chef, who currently lives in Frankfurt: “She is a team player and we were able to support her during the preparation of her exciting menu.” Sarah Henke grew up in Niedersachsen, where she studied haute cuisine with 2-Michelin-star chef Sven Elverfeld. She made a name for herself between 2011 and 2014 when she led restaurant Spices at AROSA in Sylt.

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