In the month of November, Bart de Pooter of restaurant Pastorale in Belgium is the chosen guest chef whose dishes are gracing the menus of restaurant Ikarus.

Awarded with two Michelin stars, Bart created an entirely new menu specifically for Trettl’s restaurant, featuring his sensational, unexpected and unconventional creations.

De Pooter’s amuse bouche dishes consist of corn and redvein dock fingerfood, cod with fennel, oxtail vermicelli with coconut-lime sorbet and pork belly with Brussels sprouts.

Evocative of the seaside is his first course, Belgian Seaview, a witty yet incredibly intricate flavour combination of different kinds of algae, mussels, sea urchin and many other seaside elements.

The next course features scallops prepared in three different ways: raw, grilled and fried, combined with beetroot, horseradish and scamorza (smoked cheese).

This is followed by grilled sole with topinambur, chestnuts and white truffle.

The first meat dish features pheasant breast cooked inbutter on sauerkraut and mustards.

The second meat dish consists of dry aged beef – a process done by the chef himself – with miso, aubergine and mushrooms.

The pre-dessert features a variation of grapes and pepper, followed by the main dessert and one of the highlights of de Pooter’s menu, simply named Five Apples. The dish consists of five different varieties of apple prepared in five different ways – a fruit-filled dish whose many different textures are surely the pinnacle of excitement for the palate in this exceptional menu.