A Cookbook for Mums and Kids

03 Feb 2014
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Cook up some Italian simple masterpieces with IL GUFO’s ‘Mommy, let’s cook!’…

Indulge in some of Italy’s finest values, which centre around the family, cooking and eating. A collection of simple tasty recipes, all inspired by traditional Italian cuisine, aimed at arousing the curiosity and creativity of young chefs, who will be helped by their mothers, fathers or grandparents. Pasta, pizzas, vegetables, fruit, meat and cakes, with a pinch of imagination and generous helpings of fun, to teach our children, grandchildren and all the kids in our families the art of setting the table, rolling out the dough, using cookie cutters, stirring mashed potatoes and slicing mozzarella cheese for Sunday brunches, afternoon snacks with friends or family parties.

Over 238 pages of recipes – with levels of difficulty indicated by the number of little red owls next to each dish’s name – the result of the experience of chef and cooking teacher Maria Castellano, all accompanied by high-quality, captivating pictures by Stefano Scatà, a famous lifestyle and food photographer and illustrator Monica Parussolo, an art pedagogy expert.

A project supported and coordinated by Alessandra Chiavelli, Il Gufo’s retail & marketing manager, Mommy, let’s cook ! is available in Italian and English at Il Gufo flagship stores, as well as in selected boutiques and international bookstores. Retail price: 26 Euros. Buy it here!

Recipes: Maria Castellano

Photography: Stefano Scatà

Pictures: Monica Parussolo

Publisher: Sime Books