5 New Foodie Things To Try in Sweden This Summer

30 Mar 2019
3 min read
Offering a food scene filled with far more than just iconic meatballs and fish-shaped sweets, discover five new exciting sustainable gourmet experiences awaiting in Sweden this summer.

Offering a food scene filled with far more than just iconic meatballs and fish-shaped sweets, discover five new exciting sustainable gourmet experiences awaiting in Sweden this summer.

1 Whip up a foraged feast at The Edible Country 
Designed to showcase the abundance of nutritious food in Sweden’s natural environment, Sweden has worked with four of the country’s Michelin-starred chefs to launch The Edible Country – an incredible 100 million acre DIY gourmet restaurant initiative.

The ‘restaurant’, with beautifully carved pine tables set in picturesque locations across Sweden, is free of charge throughout summer and open to all.

Open from May until September, the experience consists of a nine-course menu that visitors can prepare and cook themselves in the wild. They’ll conjure feasts using ingredients found in Swedish nature and following recipes provided by Michelin-starred chefs Titti Qvarnström, Niklas Ekstedt, Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr.

Dig into everything from a main of smoked char, chanterelles, juniper berries and wood sorrel to a dessert of acorn and hazelnut crumbs, with fruit and berry compote.

The aim? To show how nature is filled with edible ingredients and to invite the world to enjoy them, winding down in nature like Swedes do.

May – September 2019. Find out more via visitsweden.com/ediblecountry.

2 Take on a gourmet forest tours in Skåne
This summer, local forest guide, Upplev & Njut, will be launching new guided walks through the enchanting Skåne forests.

The bountiful adventures will offer visitors the chance to explore food and drink from local producers and farmers – with eight delectable stops along the way.

This unique culinary experience, called ‘Forest Feeding’, follows a 9km route through beautiful countryside, taking in the scents, sounds and scenery of the forest. Nature and fantastic produce – what could be better?

Available May – September 2019. Find out more via upplevonjut.se.

3 Taste Michelin-starred chef Daniel Berlin’s new dining experience in Skån
Local Michelin-starred chef, Daniel Berlin, has launched a new chapter for the historic 17th century estate, Kåseholms Slott in Österlen, Southern Sweden.

Recently awarded his second Michelin Star, Daniel Berlin has come together with the entrepreneurial owners of Kåseholms Slott, Joakim Silvandersson and Jamie White, to open a new immersive dining experience at the estate, which welcomed its first guests at the end of 2018.

The unique and intimate culinary experience hopes to redefine New Nordic Cuisine, with the aim to engage the senses through food, art and culture, shared in an intimate dinner setting.

Daniel’s menu takes inspiration from the beautiful surroundings, serving up beautifully plated Scanian lamb tartare with buckwheat and herbs, for example.

Guests will dine together at a long table, and can then enjoy overnight accommodation in the castle’s beautifully appointed bedrooms – each of which is uniquely different.

Find out more via kaseholm.se/daniel-berlin-experience.

4 Try a sustainable ice lolly in Malmö
As a progressive city where many food, health and lifestyle trends originate, this year, the city of Malmö is introducing various new, innovative culinary offerings in the sustainable food industry.

Local company, Folkets Pop, have identified a gap in the frozen sweet treat market in Sweden with the launch of special ice lollies this summer.

Committed to sustainable living and eating, the team gather unwanted fruit and vegetables, which are still perfectly good ingredients that would otherwise be disposed of, and magically transform them into delicious frozen fruit pops.

Handmade in Malmö, the fruit-based pops are naturally vegan friendly, with no artificial colours or flavours, whilst the non-vegan cream pops use local organic dairy.

Find out more via folketspops.se/our-story/.

5 Get a pea-se of the action with Sproud
Another unique initiative has been introduced by local company, Sproud, who this year have launched vegan food products made from peas.

Continuing the trend to consume less animal products in favour of more plant based ones, the team have identified peas as a source of protein that has a minimal carbon footprint, comes with clean processes and produces nutritious and delicious products.

The eco-friendly legume also needs less water and less physical space to grow compared to other plant-based protein sources, such as soy.

Based in Malmö, the Sproud team of entrepreneurs will also be making 100% vegan coffee to-go, as well as vegan protein powders – all uniquely made from peas and now stocked at hundreds of stores across Sweden and Espresso House, a popular coffee store chain in Sweden.

To find out more, visit www.sproud.se.