#20FOURteen | Wrapping Up 2014

11 Dec 2014
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Jakob Siegeris – Co-founder of FOUR – writes you a thank-you letter…

Like my colleague and co-founder Antioco, I too would like to share some thoughts with you ().

When Antioco and I set about developing FOUR we likened it to planting a seed.We knew what we wanted to achieve and so we set about growing the idea. We nurtured and shaped its growth and development. With our fantastic team we have seen this idea grow strong, flourish and branch out.

We have introduced to our readers some of the world’s finest chefs, whose creations can only be described as sensational and awe-inspiring bringing cuisine to new heights. It doesn’t end there however, there is so much more to be explored and so many new chefs to be discovered. We at FOUR are making it our mission to bring you all of this.

Our top class contributors have given us lots of food for thought throughout 2014 and we look forward to their input throughout 2015.

Our thanks to our advertisers, who are carefully sourced by us, to enhance the quality of our magazine.

Like wonderful food, producing our top class publication is an ongoing process and requires a special recipe. You have to source and acquire the very best ingredients, you then have to get the ‘mix’ just right, blend it all together in a well thought-out way and present it with style and flair leaving you wanting more.

I wish our team, partners, clients, contributors and you a healthy, happy and successful 2015 and thank you for your support throughout 2014.