#20FOURteen | The Launch of #FOURASIA and #FOURUSA

08 Dec 2014
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2014 has seen the launch of #FOURASIA and #FOURUSA as part of its growing family of publications. Come and celebrate with us…

The launch of #FOURASIA

The launch of #FOURASIAconsolidated FOUR’s position as the World’s Best Food Magazine, joining its other already highly successful International, German, Italian and US editions. Following FOUR’s philosophy of showcasing the best #FOURASIAincludes news, trends and events from across Asia and Australia.

“At a time when the culinary world is pushing the boundaries of modern cuisine, from the quality of the produce and the unique techniques applied in the kitchen to the theatrical experiences embraced at restaurants such as Ultraviolet (Shanghai), now, more than ever, is an exciting time to launchFOURAsia& Australia.

FOURAsia& Australia will reflect the diversity of this culturally and culinary rich region by working with some of the two continents’ best chefs in every issue, plus reports on food, wine and travel from around the world…”saysKerry Spencer, Editor in Chief ofFOURAsia& Australia.

The first #FOURASIA edition included the delights of, , and , as well as the usual high standard of culinary and luxury lifestyle highlights, leaving readers in no doubt that Asia is a destination for cutting-edge food.

’s Mr. and Mrs. Bund and Ultraviolet venues demonstrate Shanghai’s culinary innovation, particularly with the avant-garde Ultraviolet. Singapore hosts ’s Tippling Club, one of the world’s top 50 bars and voted Asia’s twelfth best restaurant. Japanese Michelin-starred cuisine is at its best in ’s Nihonryori RyuGin. shows off his talent in leading a global revolution in Asian cuisine.

“Among a lot of chefs and foodies, FOUR… is simply ‘The World’s Best Food Magazine’. So being featured within the inaugural Asia edition was simply an honour and a privilege…” says .

The first#FOURASIA editionalso includedcontributions from some ofAsiaand Australia’s finest culinary writers.Sophie Hullwrites about Australia’s truffle growing market in her article ‘Lap of the gods’, where she describes the risky but lucrative truffle industry.Check in for one ofFOUR’s regular features and find out about hotels for art lovers, featuring hotels in Morocco, Norway, Switzerland and the US.Finally, joinSarah Gilbertas she reports on Istanbul, highlighting the capital’s new chic image and why top chefs and designers are seeking out the most beautiful and desirable addresses.


The launch of the biannual #FOURUSA edition in 2014 has ensured that FOUR will continue to deliver its insight into the best chefs, restaurants and cuisine from across the USA, particularly important when modern cuisine is really pushing the boundaries. #FOURUSA follows FOUR’s unique philosophy, bringing news of the best FOUR chefs in every issue, trends, events and features on art, travel, produce and more.

The first #FOURUSA edition led the way with its cutting-edge features which included ’Alinea Restaurant in Chicago with its modernist cuisine., the USA’s highest-placed chef from the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and his Eleven Madison Park venue. and her San Fran venue celebrated female culinary success with French flair. ’s venue on Lummi Island was described as the best and most remote destination restaurant in the world.

#FOURUSA’s launch edition included all the features expected of the world’s best food magazine and included contributions from renowned writers and columnists.Kate Krader wrote about the growing State-side trend for dim sum.Wine lovers were treated to Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson’s wine list.Ahead of the game, the #FOURUSA launch edition also included the latest insight into Sao Paulo’s position as an up and coming food destination.

Finally, #FOURUSA contained some exciting news and features, including the epicurean delights of and cocktails from Manhattan as per .