1800 Royal

15 Sep 2016
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With a magnificent view that overlooks the skyline of the city, the Armani Hotel Milano is the perfect place to enjoy an elegant tipple. Taste it for yourself with this recipe for its 1800 Royal cocktail…

The Armani/Bamboo Bar is known for using fresh and local ingredients, rivisiting the classics while proposing exclusive cocktails inspired by metropolitan atmospheres.

Through the range of refreshing cocktails offered by the Armani/Bamboo Bar guests will be able to find the 1800 Royal, an elegant, amber coloured and perfumed drink, inspired by the more classic Sazerac, a cocktail of which the recipe is dated back in 1800. Due to its high alcoholic content, Sazerac couldn’t be consumed at every hour of the day.

1800 Royal


3cl bourbon whiskey

1 cl simple syrup

1 sugar cube

3 drops of peychaud’s bitter

1 drop of absinthe

10cl of Franciacorta Satin spumante

Essential lemon oil in spray

1 lemonpeel


Use a not too wide white wine stem glass. Pour in the Bourbon Whiskey followed by the sugar cube dipped with the 3 drops of Peychaud’s Bitter.Fill with the Franciacorta without mixing and in the end splash in a drop of absinthe and lemon using a vaporizer.

To serve |Do a spiral with a lemon’s peel and lay it down on the glass’s border.

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