Pistachio sponge cake

600gegg whites

120g pistachio paste “Bronte“ 100% (AGRIMONTANA)

120g sugar

90g flour 405

Passionfruit-Wasabi Granité

500g passion fruit puree

350g cucumber puree

10g wasabi paste

5g ginger-oil

White chocolate popcorn

200g milk

200g cream

5g Pectin X58

Yuzu-Mustard Meringue

125g yuzu puree

11g Albumina powder

Frozen Raspberry-Yuzu Bubbles

350g raspberry puree

175g simple syrup


75g yuzu-sake

75gyuzu puree


Kalamansi Gel

375g Kalamansi pure

25g brown sugar

8gAgar Agar

50g fresh lime juice

20gyuzu puree

3 limezest

Raspberry-Yuzu Sorbet

120g raspberry puree

50g glucose-syrup

100g sugar

500g yuzu puree

10gBasic Textura


Microwave pistachios sponge cake

Mix all ingredients with a hand blender,strainand pour into a siphon gun (ISI), charge with 3 gas-caps. Put the foam into plastic cups and bake in the microwave for approximately 20 seconds. Leave tocool briefly and tear the sponge into small pieces.

Passionfruit-Wasabi Granité

Mix the ingredients andfreeze. Before serving, put the pieces into liquid nitrogen and serve immediately.

White chocolate popcorn

Bring the milk, cream and pectinto the boil. Mix in the white chocolate and then the egg whites. Put the mixture in a siphon gun (ISI), charge with 3 gas-caps and spray the chocolat-foam intoliquid nitrogen. Break apart slightly andserve immediately.

Yuzu-Mustard Meringue

Mix the yuzu puree and powder until it becomes a creamy meringue. Gradually add the sugar and continue until it becomes stiff. Mix in the spiced mustard and dextrose. Spread ona silpatand placein the dehydrator for3 hours at 68°C.

Frozen Raspberry-Yuzu Bubbles

Mix all the ingredients and connect to anaquarium pump to createbubbles. Remove the foam-bubbles with a ladle and submerge in liquid nitrogen. Serve immediately.

Kalamansi Gel

Mix the kalamansi puree, brown sugar and agar agar until boiling. Leave to cool and create a jelly. Mix the lime juice, yuzu puree and lime zestin aThermomix and pass through a sieve. Place in a small spray bottle.

Raspberry-Yuzu Sorbet

Bring the raspberry puree, glucose syrup and sugar to the boil an mix. Add the remaining ingredients and place in an ice-cream machine.

To serve

Place the frozen Raspberry-Yuzu Bubbles in the middle of a deep plate. Inject small dots of the kalamansi gelon the plate. Add the biscuit pieces, the passion fruit, wasabi granite, the white chocolate popcorn and the raspberry-yuzu sorbet. Decorate them with the broken yuzu-mustard Meringue and with fresh flowers.

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