Poached meringue


120gegg whites

Brown sugar tuile



75g brown sugar

120g glucose syrup

105gr all purpose flour

Lemongrass ice

100g lemongrass

150g sugar

720g water

Mango-passion fruit sorbet

723g water

80g dextrose powder

430g sugar

12.5g sorbet stabilizer

500g mango puree

750g passion fruit puree

Thai fruit salsa

10g pineapple

10g papaya

10g mango

10g lychee

10g young coconut

10g pomegranite

5 passion fruit seeds


Poached meringue

Add some water to the sugar and heat until121C.Add to the egg whites and make an Italian meringue.Steam in the combi oven at 85C for 8min in a combo oven.

Brown sugar tuile

Cream the butter, sugar and brown sugar for 5 minutes till light and fluffy.Add the glucose syrup until combined and then add the all purpose flour and bake 15 grams at 165C till dark, golden brown.

Lemongrass ice

Boil the sugar, water and lemongrass.Puree, strain and chill.When fully chilled, freeze over night, then scrape with a fork when needed.

Mango-passionfruit sorbet

Boil the water and half the sugar to 40C, then combine the other half the sugar, dextrose powder and sorbet stabilizer and boil.Add the mango and passion puree and freeze in pack jet containers over night, or use ice cream machine according to directions.

Thai fruit salsa

Cut all the fruit in small square or any small shape and mix well.

To serve

After you have steamed the meringue, place the brown sugar tulle on top and place in the over at 165C till the tulle wraps around the meringue. Place on the side.On the bottom of the glass place some Thai fruit salsa, then lemongrass granite, then mango-passion sorbet and then finally the pocked meringue wrapped with the tulle.

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