Serves 4


475ml chicken stock

White sugar, pinch

chilli powder, pinch

115g yellow curry paste

Fish sauce

Tamarind water

Lime juice

scud chillies, bruised

6 large prawns, cleaned, tail on


Bring the stock to the boil then season with the salt, sugar, chilli and tamarind water and then stir in and dissolve the curry paste. season the curry with the fish sauce, sugar, tamarind water and lime juice. it should taste hot, sour and salty
in equal proportion. Throw in a few bruised long scuds. put to one side for at least 30 minutes to allow the curry to ripen. add the cleaned prawns and simmer until cooked. Finish by checking and refining the seasoning with extra lime juice, tamarind water, fish sauce and chilli powder. make sure the flavours are defined and intense.