Chocolate cream

25g dark chocolate 66%

25g cream

10g milk

10g sugar

10g egg yolks

Milk chocolate brownie

20g egg yolks

8g milk chocolate 36%


15g butter

15g sugar

Dark chocolate foam

40g dark chocolate 55%

40g cream

40g egg whites

Sugar sphere

50g Isomalt

3g red food coloring

Caramel ganache

10g caramel chocolate

5g cream

2g butter

2g glucose syrup


Using the egg yolks, sugar and milk prepare the english cream and pour it on the chocolate then mix and let it cool in a fridge. Prepare the sugar sphere and fill it with the chocolate foam (mix the ingredients and pour it in a whipped cream canister).

Place the chocolate cream on the plate and the brownie on top. Place the chocolate foam-filled sugar sphere on the brownie, add the caramel ganache and decorate with edible flowers and berries.

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