Wild Salmon

4 pieces of salmon (150g each)


12 pieces of artichoke

Garlic, Thyme and Laurier

Olive Oil

1 chopped onion

2 carrots in brunoise

3 cl of white whine

PM water

Artichoke Stuffing

400 g of puréed baked beans

12 g of potato starch

2 whole eggs

40 g of liquid cream

Espelette salt and pepper


3 whole eggs

3 egg yolks

50 g of reduction of very concentrated Barigoule juice

300 g of butter

1 g de Xanthan


200g of cooked broad beans

60g of Parmesan

30g of torrefied pinions of pine

10cl of oil pip grape

5cl of olive oil



Carefully turn your artichokes and cook them in a Barigoule, making sure they stay crunchy.

Artichoke Filling

Mix your broadbean purée with the starch and whole eggs then add the single cream. Check for seasoning. Strain through a sieve and leave to the side.


Blend the broadbeans, parmesan and the pine nuts then mix in the 2 oils.


Blend the egg yolks and whole eggs along with the Barigoule concentrate. Add the Xanthane and the melted butter. Check for seasoning, strain through a sieve then put them in a pan keeping them at 60c.

Artichoke Stuffing

Stuff the artichokes then steam them at 90c for 25 mins and leave them to rest.


Cook your salmon on both sides taking care to keep it a pink colour.Cut your artichokes into 2 then carefully dress them on a plate, taking care to leave the pistou inside. Leave the salmon to one side. Serve the siphon separately.

Image by Nicolas Claris