Chocolate Domes

500gwhite chocolate

2tbspred cocoa butter

White chocolate & lemon ganache

135gwhole milk

1 lemon



2g gelatin

225gwhite chocolate

270g whipping cream

Poached Rhubarb

1 rhubarb

½ cwater

1 ½ csugar

1mint, sprig

1orange, zested peeled

Ginger Crumble




225g AP flour

15gginger, powdered

Rhubarb Gel & Shaved


2csugar (plus extra)

1lemon, Juiced

1tspagar agar

¼ c orange juice

Rhubarb Espuma

2c rhubarb puree

½ tspzanthan gum

4 leaves gelatin

White Chocolate & Vanilla Powder

90gwhite chocolate

60gtapioca maltodexrin

1 vanilla bean

Ginger & Cardamom Ice Cream

680g whole milk

60gskimmed milk powder



10ginverted sugar

80gglucose powder

130g35% Cream

95g egg yolks

8 cardamom pods

60g ginger

1 orange


Chocolate Domes

Melt the Cocoa butter to around 102˚F and then with a rubber pastry, brush dip into the cocoa butter and flick into the molds. Melt 80% of the white chocolate to 113-115˚F. Then seed the chocolate until it reaches 79-80˚F and then bring back up to optimum working temperature of 85˚F. Scrape the set cocoa butter off of the molds except the butter in the domes. Pour tempered chocolate into molds, tap out air bubbles and then tip excess chocolate out and allow to set.

White Chocolate & Lemon Ganache

Melt white chocolate to around 100˚F. Meanwhile, bloom the gelatin in the water. Bring the milk and glucose to a simmer and infuse the lemon zest. Once the gelatin has absorbed the water, add to the milk and then strain. Slowly add the milk mixture to the melted white chocolate until smooth and fully incorporated. Then mix with an immersion blender. Mix with cream and then pour into a shallow pan and place plastic wrap directly on top and allow to set overnight.

Poached Rhubarb

Place the rhubarb to one side and combine all other ingredients and bring to a boil and chill. Cut rhubarb into 6” pieces. Place in a vac-pac bag. Cook in a water bath for 15-20 minutes,depending on size and thickness. Water bath should be set on 145˚F.

Ginger Crumble

It is important to use room temperature butter that has not been over melted in the microwave. Cream the sugar and butter together and fold in the sifted flour, cornstarch and powdered ginger. Then chill slightly allowing you to roll rustic balls with 75% of the dough. Roll the rest out in a sheet. Both are to be cooked on a perforated silp-pat until golden brown in a 350 degree oven for 15 – 20 minutes. Once the sheet is cool, turn into a crumble using a food processor.

Rhubarb Gel & Shaved

To make the puree, chop the rhubarb down into 1” pieces and combine with the sugar. Puree for 20 min until the rhubarb is cooked down, then strain some of the water before blending. Take 1c of the puree, combine with the agar, bloom for 5 min and then boil and allow to set. Rip apart, add to the blender, then slowly add the orange juice to make a gel.

Take 8oz of the rhubarb and cut into 4 or 5 inch pieces. Slice them on a mandolin as thinly as possible and then store in ice water.

Rhubarb Espuma

Soak the gelatin leaves in cold water. Once soft, squeeze out the water and melt in the microwave. Then combine all the ingredients and place into a siphon, change twice and add the needle attachment.

White Chocolate & Vanilla Powder

Melt white chocolate and then combine with the Tapioca maltodexterin and vanilla. Once all ingredients are combined, push through a sieve to make a powder.

Ginger & Cardamom Ice Cream

Bring milk to a simmer and add the sliced ginger and crushed cardamom. Infuse for 6 hours. Divide the sugar and combine one half with the egg yolks and the other half with all the other ingredients except the cream. Whisk the milk powder mixture into the cold milk and bring to a simmer. Temper with the egg yolk and sugar mixture. Heat to 185˚F and then immersion blend after. Strain, allow to cool and the add the cream. Store in fridge overnight and churn the following day.

To serve

Fill 2/3 of the dome with espuma and then using the ganache in a piping bag, fill the rest. Place the dome in the middle if the plate. Arrange the shortbread crumb and poached rhubarb in four piles. Finish with the ribbons, micros, powder and fill in some of the negative space with dots of puree. Then quenelle the ice cream on a pile of shortbread crumb.

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