Serves 6


Tomato and watermelon consommé

1kg cherry tomatoes

10ml balsamic vinegar

100ml olive oil

200ml verjus

15g salt

4 basil leaves

Watermelon chips

3g salt

100g water

10 watermelon slices, very thinly sliced

Pickled watermelon rind

100g water

20ml white wine vinegar

½ spring onion, finely diced

5g salt

5g white sugar

4 x 50g pieces watermelon rind

Tomato concassé of 2 plum tomatoes

Baobab yoghurt

100g buffalo yoghurt

10g baobab fruit pulp

2g salt


Tomato and watermelon consommé

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth. Hang overnight in 2 layers of muslin cloth over a large bowl, making sure there is enough space between the muslin and the bottom of the bowl. The next day, carefully remove the solids left in the muslin cloth – there will be a clear tomato consommé left in the bowl. Blend half a water melon to a purée and leave to freeze. Once frozen, hang this in a muslin cloth over a large bowl and place in the fridge to defrost. This will produce a very clear watermelon consommé. Combine 500ml watermelon consommé with 200ml tomato consommé.

Watermelon chips

Make a brine with the water and place the slices in it for 12 hours. Drain the watermelon slices and dry in a dehydrator until dry and crisp.

Pickled watermelon rind

Place the watermelon rind together with the pickling liquid in a vacuum bag and vacuum on full. Leave for 12 hours. Drain and dry the rind. Cut into very small dice and mix together equal quantities of watermelon rind and tomato concassé.

Baobab yoghurt

Mix everything together and pass through a tamis. Serve a quenelle of baobab yoghurt and garnish with the watermelon rind/tomato. Sprinkle with some toasted baobab pulp and fennel pollen. Place a watermelon chip over it and serve with the ice cold consomme.

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