Radish-apple tapioca roll

Pickled radishes

200g radishes

3cl red wine vinegar

3cl apple juice

Apple tapioca

200g tapioca

40g apple sauce

1 apple, cut into fine cubes and blanched in apple juice



Lime zest

Lime juice

To finish

1 gelatine sheet, soaked and dissolved

Egg white-eel-cucumber roll

Egg white pearls

40g pasteurised egg white

300g rape seed oil

1tbsp. Lemon oil

1tbsp. Lemon pepper

Zest of 2 limes


Eel filling

100g cubes of smoked eel

50g Philadelphia

zest of 1 lime

juice of 1 lime

50g cucumber cubes, peeled

2tbsp. chives

1tbsp. horseradish

Char-soy-apple-sesame roll

Char pickle

4 char fillets, deboned

100g salt

50g sugar

20g lemon oil

20g olive oil

3 lemon grass stalks, roughly cut

zest of 4 lemons

zest of 6 lemons

4 kaffir lime leaves

4 coriander seeds

Sesame-apple marinade

75ml apple vinegar

125ml oil

80g sugar

15g salt

50ml apple juice

1tbsp. roast sesame

½ tbsp. sesame oil

6tbsp apple sauce

Apple filling

1 Granny Smith apple

Soy marinade

200ml poultry stock

200ml soy sauce

200ml soy sauce, unsalted

2tbsp brown sugar

juice of 5 limes

1tbsp ponzu

mint and parsley julienne

Cucumber sauce

1 cucumber

1 gelatine leaf



lime juice

To serve

2 fine cucumber rolls

2 fennel leaves


Radish-apple tapioca roll

Pickled radishes

Finely shave the radishes and lightly marinate in red wine vinegar and apple juice.

Apple tapioca

Cook tapioca in boiling water for 8 minutes, then let cool under cold water and mix with apple sauce and apple cubes. Season with salt, pepper, lime zest and lime juice.

To finish

With cling film, roll the apple tapioca into thin rolls and lightly freeze them. Tap the radishes dry and place on foil like scales. Take the tapioca and tightly roll it in cling film, knot and refrigerate. Lightly bind the radish marinade with gelatine and use to glaze the roll with it.

Egg white-eel-cucumber roll

Egg white pearls

Strain the pasteurised egg white through a sieve, then fill into a bottle and slowly let it drop into 60-70C warm oil until it curdles. Stir repeatedly and strain the pearls. Then marinate the pearls in lemon oil with lemon pepper, lime zest and salt.

Eel filling

Mix everything together, season to taste and stir until the mixture is creamy. Roll the smoked eel filling in cling film to thin rolls, then lightly freeze. Spread the egg white pearls on cling film, cover the eel roll with it, then wrap again in cling film and refrigerate. Just before serving, roll in popped quinoa.

Char-soy-apple-sesame roll

Put zest of lemon and lime, lemon grass, lime leaves and coriander in the Vitamix and mix very thoroughly. Then put into a bowl and mix well with salt, sugar, lemon- and olive oil. Put the char fillets in a form and cover with the mixture. Very tightly cover the form with cling film. Let the filets pickle in the fridge for about 8 hours. Then remove them from the pickle and keep cool until serving. Cut the marinated char into thin slices an marinate with the sesame-apple marinade.

Sesame-apple marinade

Mix everything together, until you get a marinade.

Apple filling

Peel the apple, cut into round sticks and vacuum with sesame-apple marinade.

Soy marinade

Mix everything together.

To finish

Place the chars onto cling film, marinate with sesame-apple marinade, add the apple, sprinkle with the mint and parsley julienne and tightly roll. While in the foil, let it cool thoroughly. Before serving, glaze with bound soy marinade.

Cucumber sauce

Peel and seed the cucumber, finely mix in the Thermomix and pass through a fine sieve. For 200ml, add one gelatine leaf. Season to taste with salt, sugar and lime juice.

To serve

Place radish roll, tapioca roll and char roll from left to right on the plate. Serve the cucumber sauce separately for pouring.

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