This recipe by Vito Mollica forms part of Four Seasons’ ‘Masterdish‘ initiative which spotlights the iconic brand’s most popular dishes from around the world, as voted for by locals, international guests and social followers.


  • 320g Fusilloro Verrigni pasta (or alternative pasta)
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 60g grated Parmesan cheese
  • 200g pig cheek (guanciale)
  • 8 asparagus spears cut into pieces
  • 100g shelled peas
  • 100g fresh shelled broad beans
  • 20g extra virgin olive oil
  • 60g fresh Marzolino Pecorino cheese
  • ground pepper


  1. In a pan, slowly melt the pig cheek until it becomes crispy.
  2. Cook pasta in salted water until al dente.
  3. While the pasta is cooking, beat the egg yolks with grated Parmesan cheese.
  4. Remove the pig cheek from the pan and set aside.
  5. Add a little cooking water to the fat of the pig cheek, mixing together until you get a nice emulsion.
  6. Saute the chopped asparagus, peas and fresh broad beans in a pan with the extra oil virgin olive – vegetables must be kept crunchy.
  7. Add the crispy pig cheek and a dash of pasta cooking water to the vegetables and remove from heat.
  8. Drain the fusilli al dente, pour into the pan with the emulsion of water and fat of the pig cheek and let it cook for a minute to mix the flavours.
  9. Reduce the heat to a minimum, add the egg and Parmesan cheese mixture and mix well.
  10. You must have a nice cream, add a bit of cooking water if necessary.
  11. Remove from the fire and finish with the mix of vegetables and crispy pig cheek, the fresh Marzolino pecorino cheese cut into very small pieces and a sprinkle of ground pepper.
  12. Serve immediately.


Recipe courtesy of Vito Mollica of Michelin-starred Palagio at the Four Seasons Hotel Florence.