• Green asparagus
• White asparagus
• Cherry tomatos daterino
• Huancaina
• Asparagus shavings
• Olive oil
• Selection of cresses
• Edible flowers
• Sweet potato crisps
• Flaky salt
• Tomato x 3

1 Clean asparagus and blanch in salted water for 40 seconds
2 Water must boiling rapidily. chill in ice water. leave at least 10 minutes.
3 Once is cold  srain and marinate with olive oil
4 Shave asparagus as per standard and reserve
5 Blanch cherry tomatoes  for 30 seconds in salted water. chill in ice water. remove the skin and keep in olive oil
6 Peel and slice sweet potato as thin as posible
7 Place in water and reserve until use.
8 Fry in clean oil at 140 degrees  dry excess of oil and keep in a flat tray.

Recipe courtesy of Virgilio Martinez