VIDEO | The World’s Sharpest Knife

29 Sep 2014
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How to make sushi with Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada and his favourite Kikuichi knives…

Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada has been using Kikuichi brand knives for over 20 years, in particular Model WGS21-08-0 which has an 8″ blade and has a double sided beveled edge. This is the knife you see in this video. He has recently acquired the Masahiro MH13711 which also has an 8″ blade but uses the latest technology that posses a single beveled edge to put the force in the item you’re cutting rather than in your fingers. Chef is super excited to try out this new knife which is something he hasn’t explored in over 20 years so needless to say, he is looking forward to giving it a try and seeing what wonders this can mean for him.
Chef Hiro Terada of NoVe Kitchen and Bar, 1750 N. Bayshore Drive, Miami 33132 shows some of the basic cutting skills needed to work in a fast paced restaurant located in Miami. Besides his quick knife skills, his knowledge and experience speaks for himself as he also holds a license in Japan to fillet and serve Pufferfish. Check us out on facebook at NoVe Kitchen and Bar for some really cool food pictures. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to serve you soon! Oh and yes there was a blooper in there when I was concentrating on the picture and not to what I was saying.

NoVe Kitchen & Bar

1750 N. Bayshore Drive

Miami, FL 33132