VIDEO | “Preserving with Angela Hartnett” by Oscar Hudson

02 Oct 2014
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The acclaimed British chef Angela Hartnett reveals the influence of her Italian grandmother on her Michelin-star award-winning menus in the second installment of Nowness’ mini-series on preserving.

“Instead of letting good produce spoil, preserving the last of the seasons’ harvest opens up new possibilities for creating meals with depth and intrigue,” says Angela Hartnett, the celebrated British chef who divulges the influence of her Italian grandmother’s cooking in the second installment of ourminiseries. The successes of the chef patron of both Murano, where she received her second Michelin star, and Café Murano, are an ode to the rustic recipes passed down via once exotic, essential ingredients from her familial larder. Here the restaurateur expounds on guilty pleasures and secret ingredients.

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