VIDEO | Mosaic Sushi Roll Evolution

09 Oct 2014
< 1 min read
Mosaic sushi roll is more of a work of art than food, but it is damn delicious art…

Mosaic sushi roll evolution is the second Mosaic sushi roll recipe. Since the first video of this type of sushi roll recipe was so popular i thought it would be a good idea to cook it again just this time make it even more stunning. This new Japanese style food treat is made with cucumber corners and a combination of white sushi rice and pink sushi rice. This extravagant and colorful assembly of food is surrounding a core of both sashimi grade tuna and sashimi grade salmon with a splash of carrot sauce.

Although this sushi roll may look very difficult to make the reality is its within any home cooks reach to make, just follow the simple steps out lined in the video recipe and you too can impress your friends with your cooking.

Produced| Chef: Davy Devaux