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07 Oct 2014
2 min read
Learn how to make a reverse spherical poached egg with idiazabal cheese, by Enthusio Chefs…

This is a video recipe of how to create the dish “Parmesan quail Egg with Migas” from the restaurant Minibar, in Washington D.C by molecular gastronomy chef Jose Andres.

In this simple molecular gastronomy recipe, spherified poached eggs are reconstructed from idiazabal/parmesan cheese water, egg yolk, and bit of molecular gastronomy magic. This molecular gastronomy recipe is brought to you by molecular gastronomy chef Jose Andres from his restaurant Minibar.


Idiazabal cheese or parmesan

Egg white powder

Quail or chicken egg yolkAdditives

Calcium gluconolactate (Gluco from Ferran Adria’s Texturas kit)

Sodium alginate

Xanthan Gum


Poached egg

First you’ll make the idiazabal cheese water. Melt idiazabal cheese in water until the cheese has melted. Strain the cheese through a sieve, reserving the cheese water. Chill the strained water in a tall glass container at 4°C for 2 hours. Spoon off the layer of solidified fat that is on top of the water.

Next, prepare a bath with a ratio 3 grams of alginate : 1 liter of distilled water. Mix well with a hand blender, chill overnight until all bubbles are gone. Take your idiazabal water and add xanthan gum and Gluco/sodium calcium and blend with a hand mixer. Add egg white powder and blend again. Place in vacuum chamber to remove air bubbles.

Next you’ll construct the egg using reverse spherification. Gently drop a spherified egg yolk into the egg white mixture with a small spoon. Then place the egg into the alginate bath to spherify into a ‘poached egg’. Swirl lightly to avoid sticking to the bottom and let the egg thicken in the alginate for about 1-2 minutes. Then rinse in a bath of clear water.

Finally, you’ll slow cook the egg using sous vide. Dip the egg into olive oil to retain the cheese flavor and then place in a sous vide bath at 63.5°C for 17 minutes.

Crisp migas (spanish bread crumbs)

Slice bread into thin slices using a meat slicer. Smash a clove of garlic and heat the garlic in a pan with olive oil. Add the bread and sautee with and a pinch of salt until golden brown.

Serve the poached egg on a plate with the migs and idiazabal water with chicken stock, and chervil and a slice of jamon (not pictured).

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