VIDEO | How To Make Sushi

16 Oct 2014
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Join Chef Davy Devaux and watch his recipe for a Dragon Sushi Roll…

In this video food recipe you will learn how to make the very beautiful and delicious Dragon Sushi roll, this is a very special sushi recipe since this sushi roll has been made to look like a dragon. Impress your friends by cooking this unbelievable dish they might even think you trained to be a chef at a Culinary School.


Roll a simple ura-maki (inside out sushi roll) with a crispy tempura prawn and avocado filling, don’t forget to add a little unagi sauce (eel sauce).

Grill some Unagi (freshwater eel) the cut it in half because its too big.

Add the eel on top of the inside-out sushi roll you made earlier and cut in to pieces with a Japanese knife (very sharp knife).

Decorate the sushi roll making it in to a dragon, use some octopus suckers for the eyes, make a simple cucumber garnish for the Dragon Frills, then cut some bell red peppers to make the horns. last but not least remove the whiskers of a deep fried prawn head and push them in to the eel.

Add some sauces and this amazing food dish is ready to be eaten.

Produced| Chef: Davy Devaux