VIDEO | Deconstructing The Plate with Christopher Kostow

08 Oct 2014
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The Art of Plating headed to The Restaurant at Meadowood to film Chef Kostow to deconstruct some of his Michelin starred dishes…

Dishes | Cucumber Seed Risotto and Cucumber Roasted in Madrone; and captured the plating of his Sturgeon Cooked in Sturgeon Fat

“We don’t have any signature dish and we try to stay away from having any signature dishes. It can be said that we have a signature style but I’m not going to be the one who deposits that,” admits . “We never have dishes that we always have or dishes people always come back for. Our goal is to have a certain degree of fluidity. We like the idea of writing everything in pencil because things are going to change and move contingent on the usual forces like the markets and seasons.”

Despite his pledge to not impose a signature dish or style, is known for creating whimsical, thoughtful, wholehearted cuisine rooted in the Napa Valley.Find out more about Christopher .

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