Whole wheat dough

65g flour AP

65g flour whole wheat

1ea egg

3ml extra virgin olive oil

3g sea salt

10ml milk

Vegetable stuffing

50g extra virgin olive oil

1kg chard, cleaned anddiced

350g zucchini, brunoise

200g tomato, diced

150g shallots, brunoise

10g garlic, brunoise

20g parsley, chopped

4g sea salt

1g black pepper, freshly ground

Smoked yoghurt mousse

500g yoghurt, strained

30g roasted garlic, mashed

20g proespuma cold

Rich tomato sauce

300g plum tomatoes, peeled and diced

20g sun dried tomato puree

15g shallot, brunoise

5ml extra virgin olive oil

3g red chili paste, mild

1g red chili paste, hot

1g sea salt

0,5g black pepper, freshly ground


Whole wheat dough

Put all ingredients into a kneader and knead well.Put the dough in a vacuum bag and vacuum %100 then rest in the refrigerator for 24hrs.

Vegetable stuffing

Sautee the shallot, garlic, chard and zucchini with olive oil.Add tomato, parsley, salt and pepper, sautee the mixture a few more minutes then remove the pan from heat, chill the mixture down.Keep refrigerated.

Smoked yoghurt mousse

Put the yoghurt in a cheese cloth and place it in a strainer.After the yoghurt and liquid has separated completely use the thick yoghurt. 500 g of strained thick yoghurt is neededPut the yoghurt on a metal tray and hot smoke for 4 minutes. Use ice underneath if necessary.Put the smoked yoghurt in a mixing bowl and add the finely mashed garlic and proespuma.Mix well.Pass the mixture through a fine drum sieve (Tamis) and pour it into a 0,5 lt Siphon.Charge with one cartridge.Serve at room temperature.

Rich tomato sauce

Sautee the shallots with olive oil in a sauce pot.Add the other ingredients and simmer it 20 minutes with the lid closed.Blend well and keep warm.

To serve

Roll out the mantı dough really thin using a pasta machine.Cut 10-12 cm rounds and put about 40 g of strained stuffing on each. Close and shape as you wish.Keep covered at all times. They dry out really quick. This can be prepped a few hours ahead.Cook the mantı in the vegetable stock.Put a spoon of tomato sauce on the place and squeeze some yoghurt mousse next to it.Place the mantı on top of the tomato sauce and yoghurt mousse.Drizzle a little burnt butter on top of the mantı.Add a few drops of the chili oil on top of the mantı and yoghurt mousse.Sprinkle with sumac and serve.

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