Serves 4


Veal sweetbreads

200g x 4 veal sweetbreads

Bouquet garni





100g of milk

300g of glucose

200g of 1⁄2 salted butter

40g of potato starch

Onion marmalade

300g of red onions

25g of butter

27g of sherry vinegar

10g of Amaretto

12g of chopped almonds

Onion puree

500g of red onions

40g of butter

45g of sherry vinegar

18g of Amaretto

Stuffed onions

8 long-stemmed small onions

50g of onion marmalade

Veal jus with Amaretto

3kg of breast of veal

3 shallots

4 cloves of garlic


3 litres of white stock

200g of butter


Veal sweetbreads

Blanch the veal sweetbreads for 3 minutes starting in cold water, chill over ice, peel them, wrap them in cloth and press them to obtain an attractive shape. Trim each sweetbread into the shape of a rugby ball, weighing approximately 160g each.For serving, colour the sweetbreads in a sauté pan, starting with oil and finishing with butter. When they are cooked, deglaze with amaretto, place a tuile on top and melt it under a salamander grill.


Boil the milk and the glucose then add the butter and the starch.Spread on a Flexipan in the same shape as the sweetbreads then cook in the oven for 5 minutes at 200°C.

Onion marmalade

Slice the onions to a thickness of 1.75 with a slicer, sweat them gently in butter, when half cooked add the sherry vinegar and finish with the Amaretto, check and adjust the seasoning, set aside. Add the almonds when serving.

Onion puree

Slice the onions finely then cook them in the butter, add the sherry vinegar and the Amaretto at the end of cooking, cook thoroughly and blend. You can add a few drops of grenadine to improve the colour.Fill two pipettes: one normal and one with three holes.

Stuffed onions

Remove the first layer of onion skin and trim the stem to 2 cm, and cook in boiling water. Cut off the top and scoop out the core with an apple baller. Stuff them with the onion marmalade that you have lightly chopped.To serve, heat the onions and glaze them.

Veal jus with Amaretto

Dice and brown the breast of veal to achieve even colouring, then add the butter to finish the colouring process. Add the shallots, garlic and thyme and colour lightly. Strain to remove the excess fat, then add the white stock and simmer and reduce gently for approximately 2 hours. Strain and correct the seasoning. To serve, finish the jus in the sauté pan.

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