Turkish Delights

25 Oct 2014
3 min read
Producing all-natural Turkish olive oils, seasonal preserves, natural vinegars and organic spices, NAR Gourmet tells us a bit about its traditionally made food and ingredients…
Jams & Marmalades

Not only do the flavors of NAR Gourmet’s handcrafted foods capture the essence of a place—Turkey’s rich, fertile Anatolian heartland—they literally preserve the essence of a season. The fruit that goes into our all-natural jams and marmalades is carefully hand-selected and hand-picked at the very peak of ripeness, not a moment sooner or later. This means that no matter what time of year it is, tasting our preserves is like tapping into the most luscious fresh flavors of the Mediterranean seasons.

NAR Gourmet’s rich jams and marmalades are single-varietal products, made with fruits cultivated from a single micro-region and often a single orchard or grove. This makes each product a direct reflection of a distinct region of Anatolia, one of the world’s most bio-diverse and geographically variegated growing regions.

Every one of the different varieties of NAR Gourmet preserves—from orange peel and sour cherry to Anatolian apricot and fig—is 100 percent preservative- and additive-free, crafted using traditional slow-cooking methods that honor many generations’ worth of Turkish artisanship. Ensuring NAR Gourmet’s high standards are met during production, every step of the process is meticulously monitored with a single goal: to preserve the bright, vivid flavors of the fruit at its peak of perfection. It’s Mediterranean sunshine in a jar.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has long been a pillar of Mediterranean cuisine, and NAR Gourmet has taken the best of that centuries-old tradition—its vast diversity of flavors and styles, its devotion to time-honored methods, its reliance on native fruit—and elevated it to the global epicurean realm. At NAR Gourmet, we believe that every one of the handcrafted olive oils we make should tell a story. Each oil is a distinctive evocation of climate, soil, geography, growing conditions, harvesting technique, and craftsmanship, and each one reflects our growers’ intimate knowledge of Turkey’s vast diversity of olive varietals.

The 100-percent-cold-pressed, early-harvest extra virgin olive oils in NAR Gourmet’s collection represent the full, extraordinary breadth of the Mediterranean’s long history of olive cultivation. Most of all, NAR Gourmet’s exquisite olive oils are created with the pleasures of the table in mind. Marked by both subtle and striking flavors and aromas, and made exclusively from hand-selected fruit, NAR Gourmet olive oils are a revelation. Highlights include:

  • Estate Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A rare, small-batch product made exclusively from estate-grown, early-harvest, first cold-pressed olives. Smooth, delicate, with low acidity, these olive oils are perfect for gift giving any time of the year.
  • Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Made from green-to-purplish olives plucked by hand from the tree while still young, this olive oil possesses a surprisingly intense, fruity taste that has garnered awards at multiple juried competitions, including Terra Olivo in Israel, Olive China and Olive Japan. Listed prominently in Italy’s prestigious FlosOlei Catalogue.
  • Anatolian Collection: The homeland of the olive trees, the sun-kissed hills and valleys of Anatolia, a Mediterranean agricultural heartland, have been home to olive groves for centuries, and today, the region boasts 117 distinctive varieties of olive. The exceptional estate-grown oils in this thoughtfully curated collection, each of them pressed from fruit grown exclusively in Anatolia, offer a delicious education in the region’s rich bounty.
  • Naturally Flavored Olive Oils: For these subtly nuanced seasoning oils, hand-picked olives are cold-pressed at the same time with all-natural fruits, vegetables and herbs which have been cultivated from various regions – from lemon to rosemary to chili pepper—to create exquisite flavor combinations.

Organic Herbs

Cooks in the Mediterranean have always relied on dried herbs to enhance the flavor of both cooked and fresh dishes, and NAR Gourmet honors that heritage with its own line of naturally air-dried herbs, including Organic Rosemary, Organic Oregano, and Organic Thyme. NAR Gourmet’s organic dried herbs retain the essential flavors and inspiring aromas of their fresh counterparts.

Natural Vinegars

American food-lovers are awakening to a truth that Mediterranean cooks have known for generations: handcrafted vinegars, just like olive oils, can bring incredible nuance and depth to all kinds of foods, both as a cooking ingredient and as a seasoning. NAR Gourmet’s line of all-natural fruit vinegars—including apple, mulberry, red wine and white wine—strike a delicate balance between tart acidity and warm fruit flavors that will enliven a wide range of dishes

NAR Gourmet

Since 2007, NAR Gourmet has pursued a single mission: to bring the rich, healthy bounty of handcrafted Turkish foods and ingredients to the world. NAR Gourmet’s trusted farmers and artisans use all-natural, traditional methods to create exceptionally pure, flavorful products, from single estate and single variety olive oils and seasonal preserves to natural vinegars and organic spices. Each one of NAR Gourmet’s offerings captures the essence of Turkey’s fertile, sun-drenched Anatolian heartland, and is a vivid reflection of a particular region of the Mediterranean coast, one of the most ecologically diverse growing regions in the world. Supporting variety and honoring tradition, NAR Gourmet is the gift of true taste from the Mediterranean, bringing wonders of this region to your life.