240g turbot on the bone


200ml chicken stock

200ml fish stock

1x bunch lovage

Half a bunch of parsley

A dash of sherry vinegar

1tsp salt

30ml lemon juice (for seasoning fish)



Cut shallots very finely and braise in olive oil and chicken stock. Cook for 2 hours at a very low heat.Take the lovage leaves and parsley and blanch in water for 4 minutes. Drain and dry these, then chop in a blender until this resembles a paste. Set aside a few leaves for garnish.Add the lovage and parsley sauce and cooked off shallots to a pan with fish stock, a touch of salt and a dash of sherry vinegar. The consistency of the sauce will of course depend of the amount of fish stock added.


Take the turbot and sear in a hot pan, skin on until coloured. Finish off in an oven at 90 degrees for 10 minutes. Rest before plating.

To serve

Spoon some of the sauce in the centre of a deep plate. Place the turbot fillet on top, season with lemon juice and garnish with more sauce and lovage leaves.


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