Launched last May inGeneva, La Bottegahas been awarded its firstMichelinStarin the 2016 Swiss edition.This impressive recognition is a source of deep satisfaction to the two chefs, who opened the doors of their Swiss adventure only last May and who in just a few short months have succeeded in showcasing their considerable talent and in gaining widespread appreciation for their Italian bistro with its stylish cuisine.

Serves 4


4 x400gturbot fillet,

40gcoarse salt

2kg green asparagus

2 white asparagus

50groasted hazelnuts

40mlextravirgin olive oil

50gbaby spinach



Asparagus cream

Thinly slice 1.5kg green asparagus.In a pan of 100gr water, bring to boil, add the sliced asparagus, cover with clean film, and cook for 4 min aprox, until asparagus are tender.Remove film and add the spinach, cook for 30 seconds.Blend the mixture until smooth, and rapidly cool.Put aside until needed.

Raw asparagus

Thinly slice 500ggreen asparagus.Crush the roasted hazelnuts.Before serving, combine both ingredients, season with salt and extravirgin olive oil.

White asparagus

Prepare a pan of salt water.Cook white asparagus until tender. Drain, season with salt, white pepper and olive oil.Pan-fry asparagus and serve.


Cure the fillet in salt for 6 min. Wash, dry and set aside for cooking.Prepare a pan with water, lemon thyme and garlic, put on top of a bamboo steamer.Cook fish for about 10 mins.

La Bottega

Grand-Rue 3

1204 Genève


+41 22 736 10 00