Turbot fillet, cut into 50g-sized portions.


Iberico chickpeashot

7kg oxtail chop

3 veal shanks

5 chickens

2 leeks

6 carrots

1 peeled celery

20 mushrooms

3 peeled onions

4 bay leaves

20 black pepper

1/2 garlic

500g soaked chickpeas


100g Iberico ham


Pork fat bun

130g type 405 flour

130g type 550 flour

2.5g baking soda

7g salt

15g pork fat

50g milk

10g yeast

15g sugar

90g water

5g Chardonnay vinegar


Crab stock


800ml water

200ml Jus de Mer

60g ginger

75g lemon grass

90g galangal

2 tsp chamomile flowers

Crab dressing

Crab head juice


Lime juice



Reduced balsamic vinegar

Olive oil


Broccoli chive cream

3 pc. broccoli

1 bunch chive

3 spoons creme fraiche

3 spoons brown butter

100ml. spinach juice

Lemon juice

Pimento e’spelet


Garlic Lime creme 

90g egg yolk

50g yogurt

30g tahini

200g sunflower oil

2 bottels. garlic sauce by Heinz

Juice of limes




Cook the turbot fillet portions for6-8 minutes in the Julabo sous vide at 55 ° C.


Iberico chickpeashot

Cut all the meatinto small pieces andadd to a large pot. Fill up the pot with cool water, and bring to the boil. Skim every 30minutes and after 1.5hrs, add the remaining ingredients apart from the ham,which have all been peeled and chopped. Simmer the liquid for 8hrs before straining the lquid through a sieve. Next, reduce the mixture to your desired intensity.When ready to serve,cut the ham into small cubes and brown in a frying pan, then add the Stock and infuse 20 min. Leave aside until use.


Pork fat bun

Mix the flours, the baking soda and saltin a Kitchen Aid. Then melt the pork fat into the dry ingredients. Heat up the milk to 35°C then dissolve in the sugar and yeast, before adding this to the flour. Mix thewater with the vinegar and then mix slowly into the flour. Knead this mixturefor 5 minutes. Then cover with a damp cloth in the chiller and allowto rest for 2-3 hrs. When ready to cook,take out thedough and knead again slightly and processed on slightly floured surface until about 6 rolls of dough and then into large pieces 7g parts. Now roll the dough into balls
Thus, the surface of which is sufficiently under tension. The dough can be frozen until needed (max 3 days). Let rise in proofer at 40 degrees 45 minutes at the required balls.Then cook closed in a bamboo basket under steam 10 minutes finished.


Crab stock

Cut the ginger, lemon grass and galangal into fine strips, then add them all together in a pot. Bring to the boil before reducing down to a simmer and allowing them to infuse for 30mins. Strain the mixture and allow to cool. Before serving,cook the crab in the stock for 12min. Now separate the head from all claws and legs. Take the meat out,and keep this cold, open the head and add the head juice and coral.Strain the head juice finely and set aside. Wash and dry the coral.


Crab dressing

Mix a dressing, strain and pour into a bottle.


Broccoli chive cream

Broccoli and chives cook until soft in well salted water, then plunge them into ice water.
After they have cooled, drain well and mix with remaining ingredients to create a smooth cream.
Then strain through a sieve and season again.

Garlic Lime creme

Mix yolk and garlic sauce (Heinz) together in a blender, continue to mix until smooth. Now add all the other ingredients except the oil.Then add the oil slowly in the mix to create a mayonnaise.