Serves 4


Lobster and sole

4 turbot fillets at 40g

1 lobster, about 500g

4 sole fillets at 40g

2 scallops

100g calamari

20g algae, briefly blanched

2 tbsp puréed tomatoes

80g fish stuffing (40g cooled pike fillets at 40g with ice-cold puréed cream)

Lettuce and herb fumet

20g potatoes

1 shallot

3cl Noilly Prat

3cl white wine

¼l fish stock

1dl cream

20g butter

ca. 100g romaine lettuce, watercress, leaf parsley, chervil

Salt and freshly ground pepper

1 splash of white balsamic vinegar


Lobster and sole

Stretch out the lobster, tie it to a fitted wooden board and cook in plenty of boiling salt water for only 1 minute, then immediately plunge into ice water to cool down. Peel the lobster and wrap half of the tail in cling film and tin foil and freeze. Portion the rest of the lobster meat and refrigerate. Thinly brush the turbot fillets with fish stock and place the thinly sliced frozen lobster on top in the shape of a fan. To serve, fry the portioned lobster meat in about 70C hot butter for 3 minutes. Steam the turbot fillets with some white wine in the steamer (100% steam at 75C) for 4-5 minutes and keep warm. Clean the calamari, cut them in strips and keep the tentacles and antennae for garnishing. To serve, toss the strips in hot olive oil for 10 seconds and season, then add to the tomato puree and keep warm. Quickly fry the sole, the halved scallop and the calamari antennae until juicy.

Lettuce and herb fumet

Dice the potatoes and shallots and sauté in some butter, then deglaze with Noilly Prat and white wine. Reduce the alcohol by half, fill up with fish stock and cream and simmer for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, blanch the lettuce leaves, watercress and parsley in boiling salt water, then plunge into ice water and thoroughly squeeze out the water. Purée the sauce with the blanched salads, chervil, estragon and the butter in the mixer and pass through a fine sieve, then season with salt, pepper and white balsamic vinegar to taste.

To serve

Place half a scallop on each sole and nap with calamari compote. Place this on the plate with the sole, add the lobster, antennae and algae and serve with the foamed up herb fumet.