Fresh pasta dough


200gliquid pasteurized egg

130gpasteurized yolk


Truffle filling




30gtruffle oil

25gtruffle breakings

70gparmesan cheese, grated


Truffle sauce

500gtruffle stock

150g truffle juice



3gsoy lecithins

Caldo del Bosque

2 chicken

8 trotters

4kg ox tail

2kg shins

10 carrots

10 leeks

40l water

2kg chickpeas

1kg fresh Asturian chorizo

1Kg Spanish blood sausages

4kg chopped frozen mushrooms



Pasta dough

Sieve the flour and knead in Kitchen Aid, adding the salt and after kneading, if the machine doesn´t knead it well, finish by hand, leaving it as thin as possible.Let it stand for 30min and stretch it at 1 in the rolling mill.


Make the roux with flour and butter, let it cool off and once it´s cold, put it on the fire and pour the boiling milk on top, three or four times, stirring constantly, the bechamel sauce once done, leave it to cook for approximately 20min, stirring, to avoid sticking.Finish the bechamel adding the truffle oil, the truffle breakings and once you take it off the fire, the parmesan cheese and, finally, the cream, stirring well, and homogenizing the bechamel. Leave it to cool off.

Truffle sauce

Reduce the truffle stock at half, add the truffle juice, and bring to boil, once it´s boiling, emulsion it with the cream and butter and mix the soy lecithins with the turmix. Add a pinch of salt and a touch of black pepper

“Caldo de bosque

Cut the vegetables in larger pieces and put them in the big pot, with the hen, the chicken, the trotters, the ox tail and the shins (all of them previously bleached). Put the pot on low fire and let it cook all through the night, for approiximately 12h. Strain the liquid and deglaze it. Clarify the liquid obtained and heat it up to approximately 80ºC, while, at the same time, sauté the frozen chopped mushrooms in a sauté pan (in several batches) on very high fire, letting them grasp a little bit but without getting burnt, deglaze the bottom with the stock and and put it in the stock cooking pot, repeating this step as many times as necessary in order to sauté all the mushrooms.When we´re finished, put foil on top of the cooking pot to keep the heat and the aroma, making sure the stock has approximately 80ºC and leave it stand for approximately 4 hours.Strain the stock, pass it through the superbag and, if necessary, clarify it again with some egg whites.When serving, add a pinch of salt.


Cut the dough in rectangulars of more or less 10*8, place the filling and, using a brush and water, lightly moist the edges of the ravioli and cover the filling wrapping it with the pasta, pressing a round mold to give it the ravioli shape and close at the back.

To serve

Put the Ravioli to cook (6 per portion) in boiled water for approximately 3 min if they´re fresh and 5 minutes if they´re frozen, pull them out and put them in a sauté pan with truffle sauce reduced to a third and a little bit of truffle breakings. Finish it for 1 minute on high fire, for the ravioli to come together, and serve putting one large spoon of emulsioned truffle sauce on the plate, the ravioli on top, another spoon of emulsioned truffle sauce, grated macadamia nuts and 10gr of truffle sheet on top.